Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Planner

When the new year started I got involved immediately in several new art challenges. I already had several going from last year. And all of a sudden a show was closing and another was opening. My head started swimming with trying to remember all I needed to do, when to do it and so forth and I realized my head was not going to be sufficient any longer to do all this organizing and remembering. I needed help. I needed a planner! I found this one at Kinko's when getting some printing done for my office/day job. So I picked it up and quickly converted it into an ART PLANNER for all my art related activities. On these pages I list my art challenges on the left with each expectation, i.e. on which day of the month or how many times a month what is due in what size and medium etc. On the right side I have listed shows where my art is showing, what's hanging where, and when the shows close so I know when to pick up my art. And into which shows they will go next.
There is a monthly calender page which I did not photograph on which I can see the month at a glance of when I do what where!
And on the weekly pages I can insert photos of my art started and/or completed on those days and write a little about each piece.
Kind of like I do on my blog, but I'll have it all together in one place I can pick up and hold.
It makes me feel good to see what I am accomplishing each week
What I did today...
and what I need to remember to do next weekend.
I feel a lot more in control of it all now...and confident I will be continuing to create all year long.
At the end of the year it will be fun to pick up this book and see what all I did accomplish.
How do you keep track of all your art work and activities?


  1. I am not as a prolific artist as you are Lynn. I can see why you would need this type of arrangement to keep track of your work. It will also be a great keepsake. I do have a small calendar that I write some information on. I keep photos in my computer of diffent things I do. Like you, I do like to have something in my hand. Nothing like a personal journal.

  2. a great idea Lynn and it will make a nice record. sometimes it is just good to hold a book in the hand instead of in virtual reality.

    i no longer keep track of much of anything. i spent too many years keeping track of a zillion things, dreams, activities, hoped for activities, food lists, journals chronicling my daily thoughts and activities and on. Now, I am happy to let what happens happen and what doesnt doesnt.

    that said i do keep a small journal of weekly events.

  3. I love this idea. Its a great one. a way to keep track of what you did when and out of what and where it goes and where its been. What size are the photos you put in it? I would never have thought to post a photo. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea this is and how wonderful this book will be at the end of the year!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Your idea of an art planner is superb. And the cool thing is, when the year is over, it too becomes grist for the art mill.

    I have a couple small notebooks going--to catch random thoughts, appreciations, etc. Last year, I found that I wasn't looking at my planner on a regular basis and some things fell through the cracks. (Can you say menopause?!!) Now, "hard" data goes on my i-phone, where I know I'll come face-to-face with it on a regular basis:)

  6. Awesome idea, Lynn! What a great way to chronicle your artwork and the year. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. what a great idea! I don't need that type of planning for my artwork - you are SO involved and prolific that I can see the need

  8. What a great planner! I need to set one up too. It will be as valuable at the end of the year to see all you have accomplished and have a record of everything you did.

  9. I don't do nearly as much art as you, nor am I in any shows, but I did buy a planner this year too to log my book signings and when certain pieces of art need to be finished. I've got two big ones coming up; watercolors for friends at work that are retiring. I also have a whiteboard in my art room where I put up ideas for future art I'd like to do.

  10. Oh, good idea and you'll love looking back on this later!

  11. Having just transferred all my birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to my new 2011 calendar, I could "see" how the year rolled along by appointments and happenings I had written in....I can see how something like this would be totally fantastic to have. In time, you will have all your years of art in journals...really awesome!

    I am going to try doing some free sewing into a felt Valentine book I am making for my daughter in law...send positive thoughts my way, will ya? Of course, I keep telling myself "What is the worst that can happen"? I can just start over! I WILL be bold!!! LOL.


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