Friday, January 21, 2011

"Let's Face It"

Several of the artists over at 3Creative Studio's fabric art journal challenge posted art quilts with women's faces sewn/sketched free motions style. I decided I wanted to do it too. So here's mine. You can visit there to see more!!! I used fabric marking pens scribbled on white polyester, rinsed under the tap to make colors run, then top sewn free motion style, quilted, and satin stitched around. Today I picked up eleven pieces of art (watercolors and fabric art quilts) from the surgery center. They'd been hanging there since early September! They each said they'd had a marvelous time on those walls! And all were asked, or I was, to come again anytime!
The sun is shining here in California. I have had both front and back doors open today letting in fresh air! It's spring like! How are things where you are?


  1. This is a neat portrait. I am amazed every time you get that free sewing going. I would love to try it sometime. Here it is the coldest day since 6 years ago. The 6 inches of snow we got yesterday isn't going anyplace anytime soon. I feel like hibernating.

  2. I love this...what a fun idea. how fun is this!!! Hugs, mary

  3. really nice way to do a portrait.

    snow cold possibly minus degrees below zero. uck

  4. What a fun project. You are always trying new things. I think it kind of looks like you.. somewhere in there. Maybe the eye brows. :)) Today its cold and very gray and dreary here in Oregon. The sun never came out like they said it would. boo hiss. :))You might get spit on for bragging about your perfect weather.. LOL

  5. so wonderful, so seventies!!

    Snowed most of today and now we're supposed to go into record low temps. Oh joy!!
    The good news is I had a fabulous day of painting as the snow came flurrying down.

    I do miss having my windows open 365 days of the year :(

  6. This is awesome - I like the entire idea and what you made out of it is just gorgeous.

  7. Today was up to 80 degrees...just gorgeous...until the afternoon rain started. We went to a park with Emily the other day and I had to take a is Florida to a tee. I will post it tonight!

    This quilt is so awesome!!! So many levels going on (as usual with your stuff)...hehehe...LOVE IT!


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