Thursday, January 6, 2011

Banner Photo Quilt: Self Portrait, More to the Story

I just realized I have posted about the quilt I have as my current banner in two different blogs but not here yet. To get the full story go to Quilts Around The World and see "I descended from women who..." along with all the other Self Portrait Quilts done for the most recent challenge there. (Scroll down to Dec 31 for the full story on mine). I was the "guide" if you will, the person who chose the challenge for this three month challenge in Quilts Around the World, a group of women from Australia, The Netherlands and the USA, quilt artists all. I think you will be wowed by the diversity in styles and interpretations of "Self Portrait"! I hope you will take time to leave the artists comments there, and perhaps you'll also want to become a follower to that blog. We produce a new quilt every three months. Enjoy! That said I am joining yet another group of art quilt artists at The Art Quilt Blog started by Chris of DyeCandy. Here we are going to step up the pace a bit and try to create a new quilt bi- weekly to the themes put forth by the Sketchbook Challengers. Oy, my head is spinning just thinking of ideas for my first endeavor there. I like having a challenge to push me to create to a deadline. So I will be more busy shortly in my studio with a focus than I have been in a while. I think it was October when I did my last two big pieces for the Quilts of a Different Matter Show.


  1. I will have to put your other blog on my reader. I knew this quilt had a story. I just didn't know it all. you.

  2. Beautiful words, images and meaning :)

    Now off to investigate the links ......

  3. I will have to put that one on my dashboard to check out how you do. :) I hope you post them here too.

  4. Lynn, I love the self portrait and story, What a wonderful idea.
    This is very meaningful to me since I am working on a quilt I started when my parents died.
    Love you sweet girl, Hugs, Mary


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