Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flowers on Bloomin' Tuesday and Soup

We don't have blizzards here, our cold of late has been maybe in the high 30's and it's around 45 degrees F right now at 7 a.m with some frost on the ground, but it's cold enough for us to be making and enjoying big pots of home made soup. This is chicken soup just starting to cook. We ate it over the weekend and I even took it in a thermos to work with me yesterday for lunch. Oh so good. In the craft department I have taken out my crochet hook and gathered some gleaned yarns and started this little warm blanket.
Can you see the flowers in each granny square?
There is something very comforting in sitting in the evening pulling yarn with this hook
and making something soft and pretty.
Basic pattern from a Lions Brand book called Scarves, color design my own.
and one more flower shot of a brochure we brought home from our
recent jaunt to Mendo.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
Now I need to go get on my treadmill and get ready for work. What are you up to today?


  1. I love your crocheted flowers. I've learned to crochet more than once but always forget because I don't do it often enough. Can I come over for chicken soup?

  2. That's not soup. Soup is to be slurped. LOL That's more like stew! :)))Still looks yummy tho. Love what you are crocheting. Wonder if I could do that better then the knitting I did. Love the flower too.

  3. Your Grannie Afghan looks neat. I like the flower centers. The soup looks delicious too. I am making some Chicken Noodle soup today. It must be in the air. HBT.

  4. Nothing better than homemade chicken soup on a cold day! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Soup and granny squares....sounds very cosy!

  6. Funny! I made soup today also and for the same reason...cold out and one in my nose. Pretty afghan colors. Gosh, I haven't crocheted in years and years.

  7. I made "Lolo's bean and spinach Soup" a couple of days ago because Bri keeps requesting it in this cold weather. Soup is so comforting and healing.
    What came to my mind when I saw all your veggies to the brim before they started to boil was, uh-oh, Lynn's gonna have spills to clean!
    Wow, that's cold for vacaville, right? We're expecting a bit of snow by the weekend but only dustings I think. But the temps are supposed to plummet!! It's the cold that I have a hard time with. Thank God for this studio!

    Enjoy the soup Lynn. And be glad you have work. (I know you're grateful.)


  8. Soup is good. Will love to see your finished blanket here! Love your photo quilt at top of blog!!! How awesome! What am I up to? Just finished making left over chicken into chicken salad with Herbs De Province for seasoning...oooh-la-la!


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