Monday, January 3, 2011

Today I return to work...

After seventeen days of "vacation", mostly spent at home, four days of travel, I am ready to return to my office. I had these photos stored on my computer that make up the collage above. #1 is a fairy made of hand made paper I bought when I first opened my office along with the #5 wizard, also handmade paper. Maybe they were symbols of "helpers" that would guide me to help others who came to see my in my private counseling practice. Twenty years ago this month I felt I needed all the help I could get. #2 is a balance between the zebra "stress" drawn by Joss/Soulbrush; and "relaxation", the cat in the tree cut from a magazine. Something I try to achieve while working and in my life in general. As both exist. It's my job to create the relaxation to deal with the stress of the job. That's why I like taking walks at noontime. #3 Is a poster asking How do you feel? It's not there anymore. I had it when I saw young children. I only see adults now. Less stressful for me. Part of the balance I've created for myself in making my job easier as I get older. #4 is my desk and it's probably this messy or maybe I cleaned it up before I left for the break. It will get messy again, that is a given. Paperwork has a way of piling up there. #6 is a client chair with an off white small blanket I crocheted about 38 years ago! Amazing it's held up this long. And behind the chair is a quilt I made three and a half years ago, one of my first. These give my office a comfortable and inviting look and feel. Or so my clients tell me. #7,8 & 9 are my bookshelves that are nearly bare now, but hold some watercolors I did in that first class I took ??? within the past two years; ceramics made by a friend that are quite wonderful, full of emotion; a few books and a sketch I did of some of these things again within the past three years.I post all this as a way of easing myself back into the mood for returning to work. Actually yesterday I felt ready...we'll see how I feel at the end of the day. But ready or not here I come!


  1. Well today I will start eating normal again. Not back to work yet.....
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday, hope you will enjoy working again too ;)

    Have a nice day!

  2. I go back to work today also - boohoo!!! could use another week "off"

  3. That time seemed to fly to me. You really did get that relaxation in on your 17 days off. It was fun seeing your office here too. Bet your clients are happy you are coming back after being away so long.

  4. I hope you spent a lot of your seventeen days off resting. You are such a dervish of creativity that surely you will burn out one day! :)
    I don't do resolutions either because I like to keep the door to the Universe open for surprises. Don't work too hard on your first day back.

  5. I hope the first day back went well. 17 days off, how wonderful!
    I would settle for a week. xoxo

  6. i go back tomorrow. boohoo me too. what a nice stretch of holiday time off. it's a new day.

    your space looks lovely and lived int. i wish you everything wonderful lynn. glad to have met you in 2010.


  7. I get another day off before I go back to work. I hope you are ready tomorrow. Your desk needs you. tee hee.

  8. Hope your first days went well, Lynn. I am still eating out of control...gotta get a hold of myself! :)


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