Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Make A Cute Gift Box!

Maybe six or seven years ago when my DH was only teaching sixth grade I used to make gift boxes for his kids that we would fill with little goodies for their end of year celebration. I used to find these packets of papers at Big Lots on sale and I'd buy all that they had. And then I'd spend 2-3 days constructing the boxes. The kit comes with a CD with instructions and graphics to use on the boxes. I used my own art on the front of this one to hold the little art wall hanging
I made for my uncles birthday which I will give him today! Then I used the graphics from the kit on the other three sides
It was fun to do. It takes the place of a birthday card and was glad I only had to do one instead of 36!!!!


  1. I hope your Uncle had a great 92nd birthday. You seem to have lots of longevity in your family. That is one cute box. Never saw anything like that at my Big Lots, but ours was quite small.

  2. very cool gift bag!!

    happy b'day Uncle ;)♥

  3. I've never seen those before - what a great idea! You are wonderful to have done that for a whole class of kids, I bet they will always remember what you did for them.

  4. wonderful bags!!!
    I am always in awe of how you all wrap things in the US.

    Have a nice Sunday ♥

  5. Wow, that is too cool! and so unique...I've never seen them but will be on the lookout now


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