Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking for Spring!

I took a walk on an unusually sunny day earlier this week looking for
signs of spring... An abundance of oranges adorned trees all over town roses were in bloom camelias were in full force and these little smelly gals were bright and cheery too
I passed the place where I eat on occasion up the street from my office that serves
the BEST gaucomole in the world!
I found a little fall still clinging to trees
but so refreshing to find all this color
and sunshine!
I hope this gives some hope to those of you who are still
buried in snow!
How will you enjoy your weekend?


  1. This showed up in my email box but not on my dashboard. hmm anyway I sure do miss palm trees. Seeing yours reminds me of So CAL the most. We are starting to get buds swelling on trees and bushes for budding out but not yet. Feb is the month they start here. Oh thats just anther few days isnt it... :) Another thing I miss about CA. is the moderate weather.. some other things I don't miss so much. :)Lovely post.

  2. Spring?????? It's January!!!! February is usually our coldest month of the year so I'm afraid I'm not thinking spring yet....but I am thinking of a vacation to the south somewhere!

  3. We are having some of the best weather that we have had...I think it is warmer here now that it was in the summer. For most that will seem like an obsurd comment but I am sure you will relate how cool it can be here in the summer, Lynn.
    This week actually has been very nice. Middle boy and girl have been working on building a quail cage...for quail in the spring. I have been cooking in my cowboy camp stove (check out blog). Today Joe has been working on mending a coal fired forge that a friend gave us...we plan to fire that up soon.
    I am ready for more spring weather...but more than likely will get rain.

  4. Love the look of spring! Color and beauty!!

  5. This are beautiful photos! Yes, the weather makes me feel like spring at the moment as well. I quite like it, although I think we should get a bit more rain - I don't want another drought...

  6. You are lucky to have all this color in your life right now Lynn. We had one day of 43F. It felt like spring even though there were still big piles of snow lying around. We went birding in an area 5hr drive from home. It was fun though.

  7. Flowers! None here yet but I am looking forward to spring to see how all the things I planted last fall survived...


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