Monday, January 31, 2011

Uncle Harry Turns 92 and We Celebrate!

My dear Uncle Harry gave a beautiful speech at his own birthday party on Saturday night! He began with a Hebrew prayer and then quickly translated it telling us it's meaning of gathering family together. He knows how to bring a happy tear to my eye!
After dinner Uncle Harry got his favorite apple pie with a candle to blow out! We all sang happy birthday to him. As he and I walked out later from the restaurant he said to me "It's a miracle, it's a miracle!" I think he was expounding on his ripe old age and being there surrounded by loving family which means the world and all of life to him. Earlier in the day I gave him his art wall hanging. He said "What you gave me a doily?" And then he proceeded to wear it like a bib! We got a big laugh out of that. (But really? I think he likes it!) I hung it over his computer where he can see it every day.
His daughter, my cousin Barb was there from Colorado! Aunt Mimi looked so glamorous in her newly coiffured hair-do! She's only 91 till May. On our way out of their apartment she and I walked together and she was taking very tiny slow steps. I had her one arm. She said to me: "I feel like a little old lady. I guess I am one!" ;-) Uncle Harry is telling me a funny story here!
We posed for a family shot: Uncle Harry, Me, DH in back, Mimi in front and my dear brother!
Heidi is his grandson's
wife. She's a tennis player and the mother of two of the seven great grandchildren. Here are more young cousins (children of my first cousins, Harry and Mimi's grand children and a great grandchild. They have seven! Three were there yesterday!
Here are Cameran, age 7; her dad John, his sister Lisa, her husband Erich.
Lisa signed her published book of poetry for me.
Erich has published two books recently. One currently on Amazon's best seller list:
Unemployed Man!
Barb and Neil are toasting their dad while Neil's wife, Mel and Harry look on.
Grand daughter Debra kisses her grand father she calls Popie.
Isn't she a doll? So is he!
Harry, Deb, Mim, and little Cameran.
He was a super hero, but I kept pretending he was a dog who was playing under the table at our feet. I petted his ears and said good doggie, and he proclaimed "I am NOT a dog!"
But isn't he cute?
We had such a good time being with family.
My uncle is so with it, he does not seem OLD...yes, his body is aging, but
since his recovery from his fall and hip surgery last year he is very much the same
man he was before. Sure he needs the walker for support now; but his mind is sharp, his
sense of humor is in tact, his heart is as big as ever and filled with gold.
He is a blessing to all who know him!


  1. What great photos here.. Your Aunt and Uncle are cute. Love the bib.. haha. What a sense of humor he has. Nice you can still get together with them and enjoy them while you can.

  2. What a wonderful celebration for your family, Lynn! Uncle Harry does NOT look like he's 92, and your Aunt does NOT look like a "little old lady"!!! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I cannot imagine living into my nineties, but if I do, I hope I look this good. :)

  4. Oh Lynn, I am in tears now.............
    and that happens seldom .
    I always enjoy reading of your uncle Harry and aunt Mim. I just shared the history with my DH.
    This is a true love story and a story which brings hope.
    I don't want to grow old like my Mom but the story of Harry and Mim is truly one that makes me want to grow old that way. And their love for each other...... man that is just one in a million!

    Oh how I hope to be part of uncle Harry and your aunt Mim stories for many years to come.....


  5. What a great big happy family!

    Love your aunt and uncle, they're very sweet and for them to reach past ninety is amazing!

  6. What a wonderful time spent together! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Happy Birthday Uncle Harry. I am sure he liked your wall hanging and the bag too. You are blessed with lots of family.

  8. what a sense of humour Uncle Harry has. A bib indeed!!LOL. That's probably what has kept him young and hopping. Beautiful pictures of his celebration. i so admire how your family rallies together and celebrates together like this, the many milestones of life. thanks for sharing Lynn. You are my vicarious family.

  9. Lovely family! Your Uncle and Aunt look so well!

  10. My heart swelled seeing the love in your are blessed to have such happiness.


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