Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal Quilt #2 2011
Theme: "Highly Prized"
Title: "Home"
For Challenge on The ART QUILT BLOG
and 3 Creative Studios Challenge
Home ownership is something that is highly prized. I remember when it was something I thought I'd never know. And then 22 years ago a friend told me I could probably buy a house for what I was paying in rent at the time. So we looked into it and sure enough we could and did.
Last year we made our final house payment in 22 years on our 30 yr mortgage! Our home is ours.
Materials used:
I am still interested in seeing how I can use the neckties I have collected and three were used for these houses and the base. I machine sewed them to brown felt using a new stitch and J foot, and surrounded them with orange netting/tulle. Embroidery threads in browns and oranges were sewn by hand to outline roofs, walls, and roofs. Buttons were added as further embellishment.
Thank you all again for your caring sharing with me yesterday. All your thoughts, blessings, prayers got me through the day. xoxoxo Hugs to each one of you.


  1. I wanna cozy up to the fire in that sweet little home, love it!
    My heart goes out to your family over the loss of one of the twins. Sending love your way. ♥
    your friend,
    jenny :)

  2. It is very reassuring to have a home of ones own. Your quilt conveys that warm comfortable feeling of home.

  3. delightful and you know this one resonates with me. I hope your son and dil are working through their sadness. it must be so hard.

  4. Lovely quilt. I like the looks of the ties they are kind of silky and add a different texture to this piece. They say home is where you hang your hat but if you own it you can pound a nail in the wall anywhere you want to hang it!! :))

  5. I must have missed the post about your using neckties. I have a ton of them, and you have given me a lot of inspiration with this one. I know they are cut on the bias. Of course, with an experienced quilter like you, it shouldn't be a challenge, but I worry that sewing on the bias will stretch and pucker my fabric. I look for some inspiration and words of wisdom on your blog as you continue to play with these.

  6. Hi Lynn, I was late to read your post yesterday.... and am sending prayers and strength to all of you.
    May the "Stronger" Twin blossom into a beautiful child.

    This "home" quilt is wonderful... it resonates with me too....

    Love to you and King Henry!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Congrats on finishing paying off your mortgage! Your little house on the quilt is gorgeous! Our local op shop always has dozens of ties, all in amazing patterns - a great idea to use them!

  8. you are incredibly talented and how you came up with this and the other things with ties is beyond me....stunning.

    also, lynn, blessings upon you and your family over the loss of the little thoughts have been with you during this time. no matter how long or short was the time, it is still loss, no? blessingsxx

  9. This is soooo cool! What you won't keep showing and teaching me! You need your own show on DIY! I think I will nominate you. Would you do it???

  10. congratulations on finishing your mortgage! It is a great feeling to own your home. I love your quilt showing home - it looks so cozy.

  11. Oh Lynn, I LOVE this, it is beautiful! I still don't own a home, but never give uo hope.
    So sorry to hear about the baby, hugs and love.xoxo


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