Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Garage Sales, Thrift Store Finds Bonanza!

It was a foggy morning, and I kick myself for not remembering to grab my camera because there were scenes of cows in foggy fields you would have loved to have seen! So sorry!
But we found lots of garage sales and made out like bandits. There is this one guy who lives out in the country and has a continual sale...and he is so darn generous or he just likes me a lot, I'm not sure which. DH got an old hammer from him plus an abalone shell for $2. And for my $2 I got all of this: an :"I can crochet" learners book for my GD; a full set of 36 perfectly new Pentel Color Pens; Two stampers for little letters that slide in so you can make full sentences to stamp on your art; and two sets of those little letters; five new spools of thread; a complete alphabet set of wooden stamps never used (I bought something like it at Art and Soul for $10); a box of pins; ...wait there was more.... This "Becoming a computer artist" book; this pkg of Ink Jet Business Cards (250 of them, and I use them for appointment cards for my clients and for business cards at work); and divider pages I also use in my work;
Oh yes, stamp pads that are still inky...sewing needles...that rose stamp...
Yes, all this for a mere $2...Like I said he is very very generous. I told DH next time grab more stuff!!!! LOL
Later we went to the thrift store in town and i got vintage buttons, more sewing needles, snaps, hooks, a little sewing kit for my grand daughter who is starting to sew...
Oh this is out of order: This box of embroidery threads, beads and buttons was also part of that $2 mentioned above!!!! This will go to my GD too, as she makes little friendship bracelets like the ones already made in the upper right corner of this box. She'll LOVE IT!!!!
These cool stamps I found at another thrift store in Dixon on our way home. Our day started at 10 a.m. and ended around five p.m.
Somewhere in there we were in Winters for lunch and I stopped in the quilt shop and bought these fat quarters of batik fabrics to play with in my art making; and a little silver charm of a sewing machine to add to a new charm bracelet of mine.
DH found this wonderful THICK book on Bugs with beautiful illustrations, which we'll give to our grand kids too.
I think I left out a few things: a free book DH found on Cesar; and some Barbie stickers, and a little soccer ball pad of paper for the kids.
We ate lunch at a new place (for us) in Winters...I had an eggplant grilled sandwich and a root beer float! DH had a salmon sandwich and coffee. There were a lot of bicyclists eating there and quilts hanging on the walls. We also visited a little art gallery in town, that we learned unfortunately was going out of business and will be replaced by a yarn shop. I think it's the woman in our town who had a shop where I used to go to sit and knit.
It was a fun day! What did you do yesterday?


  1. Your "finds" are great. They will keep you and your Grands busy for some time. We were birding all day yesterday then watched the football playoffs. A nice day for us.

  2. Ahh, let's see..what did I do yesterday..well, it was 20 degrees with LOTS of wind and snow (a mini blizzard)--so I stayed home :)
    I miss my Saturday "shopping" excursions!

  3. goodness!! what finds and for such a cheap price!!!

    well...yesterday I had the boys over so they helped Uncle Tony shovel, and then we went snowshoeing/cross country skiing - and came home to homemade lasagna and cookies for dessert. a pretty good day

  4. I can't believe how much that man gave you for two dollars! Wow. I love that fish stamp, it's also very Mim :)

    Lucky you! I miss yard sales. I just can't bring any more stuff home. Looks like your grandkids will get some fun things!

  5. wow..That's a lot of stuff you got for two bucks. Where does HE get all that stuff to seel all the time? Its been awhile since you have been Garage You seem to come up with more projects when you have gone to garage sales and found inspiring things. Will we be seeing some new projects out of this haul? :)

  6. WOW!!! What a grand haul!!! That is the most organized embroidery floss box! Mine looks like CRAP!!! LOL :)

    The bug book is wonderful...I have not seen that one before!!!

    I foresee many fun hours ahead for you and your sweet GD!!!

    Yesterday I spent about 6 hours working on a felt book I am making for my DIL for Valentines Day (it will be from the kids)...sewing pics into plastic sleeves down onto the felt pages, I did a zentangle heart and sewed it also under plastic, embroidery, made two cute felt monkeys and have them hanging in a tree on one page that says "We R UR little Love Munkys! So cute! I sewed little silver heart charms in the place of the monkeys hearts. So far I have made three pages for it. I am using sparkly black, white, pink and red felt pages. There are so many more ideas in my head to make each page special and OOAK. I can only mention it here, since it is a top secret surprise for her!!! Anyway, that was how I spent quiite a bit of my yesterday!

  7. You always manage to find great deals....Kudos to you...

  8. Can't believe your stash!! Your grandchildren will be thrilled with what you've got for them! Sorry I haven't been around to comment much - I've just read your post about the lost twin - that's such sad news.x

  9. Me thinks the guy in the country has a crush on you! Or maybe he just recognizes a true artist and wants to feed your need for creative things.


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