Monday, January 17, 2011

My pages for Mim's Artshine Traveling Sketchbook

Our Artshine traveling book for Mim came to me this past week and I got to work to try and meet Mim's request for Color and Design. My first page below is torn origami papers and Hebrew stamp that says "Shabbat Shalom" (welcome Sabbath) as I did this page on the Jewish Sabbath. And I just wanted to use that new stamp I got in Willits over the holidays. Mim will probably be able to read it too! ;-) The back of the page is a four panel cartoon like array of Mim doing what Mim's enjoys best: biking, drawing and painting (cartoons are her forte); hiking with her DH, blogging and finally kayaking! I hope I captured her essence here using fine tipped Pentel pens and watercolors. If you want to see it up close click on each photo.
You can go to the Artshine blog and see all the pages of books that are circulating now. There is a lot of very very good art in them. ******************
On Sunday I joined another Quilting Challenge called
2011 Color Palette Challenge
with 3Creative Studios.
And I whipped up a small 8 X 11 quiltlet to the required colors for it
which I can also submit for the Journal Quilt challenge too.
I'll show it to you tomorrow!
So far I am finding that
1. I need a schedule book for all my current art commitments
2. these new challenges keep me inspired and creating almost daily and
3. I'm really enjoying it.
What's keeping you busy these days?


  1. What fun pages. I know Mim will like them.

  2. Wonderful and fun Lynn, I know Mim will love them! Also congrats on all the great stuff you found.
    Kisses to Henry! xoxo

  3. Bright and inspiring! I love cartooning too, these are just great! Lucky Mim!

  4. This is really cute. I cant wait for Mim to see it. Love your drawings.

  5. how very Mim!! Great job on the pages and the drawings of her in action :)

    And it's so good to see all the new things you're doing. You never stop! (nor should you.)

    Lynn, the paper clay I bought came in a black package like a block or slab. I've never used it before but I have sculpted before with clay. Large sculptures though, and that was 25 years ago! Some people are absolutely amazing at how delicate and detailed they get. if only!

    ;) ♥

  6. Wow - Your colorful quilt page is beautiful! And you captured Mim so well from what I know of her. Good job, I'm sure she will love it!

  7. What a HOOT!! I love them - you did such a great job!!! can't wait to see this in person.


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