Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spite and Malice

My brother!
On Sunday I invited my bother to come up and play with me.
DH was busy grading papers and I needed a break from my creations.
I was in the mood to play cards: Spite and Malice to be exact.
I am lucky to have an older brother who will come at my bidding, ;-))
and play we did, from 1 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. We took an afternoon break
and took a walk outdoors...the sun was shining and we enjoyed the walk and talk
up to the park and back. Played some more and then we took a break to
go out to dinner, just the two of us.
A delicious Italian meal in a nice restaurant downtown.
Then we returned to finish off our championship.
It really doesn't matter who won.
We both agreed it was fun.
(I won!)
We also decided that we must must must both go to the same old age home
when the time comes so we can continue playing this game.
I just pray we both remember how!
Thanks bro!
T'was fun!
PS The photo is an old one from one of our visits to the coast a year or so ago.


  1. We played that game all the time when we were young--now I don't have a clue how to play it --not a clue! Sounds like a very fun day!

  2. My family used to get together and play Euchre. We still play from time to time but not like we used to. You are lucky to have a close relationship with your brother.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your Brother. It is nice he will come and play with you for a day. Even sweeter if you WIN. but whose counting? LOL Great shot of your him too.

  4. oops.. Great shot of your Brother is what I meant to say.. not your him.. lol I have a cat laying on my arm as I try to type this.:]

  5. I've never played that game. I do have sisters that will indulge me when I need some sister-time. Family is a must have!

  6. I bet you are a shark at cards - I think you'd scare me if we played together! I am a slow card player, I look at all the cards...makes my DH crazy

  7. That is so fun ! I love to hear stories of sibling love !
    (congrats on winning ! ;) )

  8. Hi Lynn, pleased you had a great day with your brother. I have been having some time with my sister and other members of my family over in England. Trying to catch up on your blog.

  9. I loved playing this card game with a lovely patient of mine, until I quit work. I try to go and visit her, but have only made it back once. She taught me how.

    Your comment about remembering how to play reminded me of an e-mail I got just yesterday! I will send it to you in e-mail. It is something about Lunch with Girlfriends.


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