Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cat Joy!

It's just a simple piece of yarn left on the floor...But to Henry V it's something to be reckoned with...
I've no idea what he is thinking as he looks, and then
attacks, but it's not much different from
his great satisfaction when yesterday morning he appeared at the back door outside with a bird or a mouse, I refused to look closely, holding it down with one paw and banging his cat door
against the glass sliding door to get my attention:
"Let me in, let me in!" he insisted, "I have a gift for you!"
But I didn't want his gift, so he got to stay outside all day long
while I snuck out the front door on my way to work! Happy Animal Wednesday!
What were your animals up to today?


  1. My little Coco can play with the cap from a 2 liter bottle for hours. She is always picking up scraps of fabric or thread from my studio. Takes so little to amuse them! : ) Henry is adorable!

  2. would that i could be amused with so little. not the dead animal though. uck. men, they just don't know what women want. LOL

  3. He is trying to teach you how to hunt...that is why they do that...

  4. Oh, that Henry, I love him so!
    My boys are all sleeping, but the new Zoe, is off to the vets to get checked out and spayed. It will be a hard day for her, but she will have a forever home now! xoxo

  5. Would that we could be so content.. :)) Oh, we can.. just watching them :)) and that lovely new floor of yours. :))

  6. Dear Lynnie
    Lovely to 'see' you all again...
    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know your concern and wishes...

    Lovely to see Henry's play:)
    loads of love

  7. Bee, I am sure Henry and Coco could have fun together!

    Suki, You gave me a good laugh today, thanks! Men!!!

    Teri & cats, I went right out for my first lesson...RIGHT!

    Annie, wishing Zoe a quick healing!

    Cris, yes, and thanks. I do LOVE my new floors and Henry is getting used to them although he searches out the little throw rugs to lay on often.

    Deepa, welcome back!!!

  8. Great title Lynn. That says it all :)

  9. I like Teri's interpretation - Henry must think you are a failure at providing him with good food - like a nicely newly dead mouse. Cats!!!

  10. My neighbor's cat used to bring me birds and mice that she had hunted. I wasn't very enthusisastic about it, but this is what cats do I guess. Now that she is in cat heaven there are way more birds in my yard - and tons of sassy little squirrels. It's so much fun to watch them.

  11. Or a box and cats are happy! Hugs, mary


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