Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sneak Peek

Monday was a day off for me yesterday, and I spent it hanging out at home with myself, some fabric and threads and sewing needles. A gift arrived from Mim earlier last week of this beautiful golden and turquoise hand dyed gauze/perhaps cheese cloth that I promised to put to use immediately. The batik on the far right is a fat quarter from a quilt shop. It's for a quilt I cannot show until the end of March... but that's good as I plan to spend a lot of time as I did today adding hundreds of stitches by hand.
I loved my lazy day at home alone...Henry spent most of it outside in the sun. I ate lunch on the patio, watched flocks of little birds diving into the water filled bird bath; saw a second daffodil open up to full bloom; did some wash, swifted the floors, but pretty much sat on the couch with thread and needle in hand. Sheer bliss for me it was!
My daughter sent me these sweet photos of my 6 and a half year old grand daughter, who had just had her very very long hair cut short! (I turned them into a collage) She has a best friend, named Ella, and wanted her hair cut like Ella's. She and Ella have been best friends since babyhood. They live down the street from one another. This wonderful friendship has the potential to be like mine with my friend Patty!
She looks just like her mommy in the "after shot".
I talked to my friend Patty on the phone today too. Patty turned 70 in Dec.
That's a long time to have a very best friend!
Well today I will return to my day job!
What are you up to today?


  1. I like your granddaughter's shorter hair. She's a doll. Love the dragon fly cloth too. Your Monday sounds lovely. Today, as we had more snow, I most likely won't drive to Keene as I had planned but will stay at home and work on an assemblage, perhaps bind a book and perhaps work on an addition to a wallhanging that seems to be missing something. I also have tasks to do for my "Finding your authentic voice" group.

  2. sounds like a healthy day, Lynn !
    I am feeling better today, like I can poke my head out from under the blankets a face the world a bit...
    Here's to the everyday gifts that we are blessed to receive !
    Hugs !

  3. The project looks intriguing & colorful. Love the Grand daughters hair shorter. I take each day as they come. Time will tell what gets done and what doesnt. :)

  4. Intriguing Sneak Peek! I look forward to seeing what you are working on. What a blissful way to spend your day off!
    Your granddaughter looks adorable with her new hair cut! How wonderful to have a lifelong friend!

  5. Work then dinner and knitting then fall asleep on the sofa the,n bed... And start all over again tomorrow

  6. So much can happen in day at home. I'm often surprised by what I can do with that much time, aside from virtually rolling in it with sheer delight.

    Today by contrast, found me at work with the equally delightful job of helping to welcome a visiting children's book author, Joyce Thompson, who came to the hospital to read with the kids. I felt like a kid myself, hunched forward on my chair, listening to her story unfold.

  7. Your granddaughters short hair is so perky and fun! Glad you had a great day off! Today the "bug man" came to spray, I took daughter to the doctor, found a new park with granddaughter, made catfish, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato fries and a cold vegie/noodle salad for dinner. The day was busy, but fun. OH...gandson came home from school wanting to make another Valentine chain decoration for his teacher, so we did that again today...only instead of white, red and pink...we used white, pink and purple! Hope she will like it!

  8. She is lovely, I like her hair short too. I think she would be fun to know...have fun grandma!!
    Hugs, mary


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