Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunny, Busy, Fun Weekend!

On Saturday we got up early to head out to enjoy ourselves together .... stopping first to check on the burrowing owls. We only saw two, but I'd not brought my camera with the best zoom so this shot is a bit apologies...Trust me she and her baby were very very cute...
On our drive out in the country side we came across this little herd of baby llamas...furry and cute too...
and trees laden down with California oranges...
We passed these cyclists thinking of Mim and her DH...
and this bucolic scene...
Finally coming to a good garage sale where I was offered a box of goodies for $2. I'd spied some thread inside and was digging for it when the woman said I could have the whole box for two bucks...when I got it home I found fifty spools of thread, most full and of good quality.
I figure I have here about $150 worth of thread.
Also in same box are twelve rolls of pretty ribbons some with prices of $12 on them!
There were sewing machine needles the kind I use on my machine; pin cushions, something I needed, and much much more.
Saturday night we did something we have not done in many years.
We went to see a movie at the theater!
DH wanted to see True Grit on the big screen.
We had recently watched the original with John Wayne on TV and were glad
to see they stuck to the story closely; and were even better in the costume department. Except for a pair of furry chaps one cowhand was wearing, which DH happened to know had not been made for quite a few years later in history! I swear, he could be a consultant for the historical aspects of films. The one thing neither of us enjoyed was sitting up close and feeling like the splattered blood was landing on us as well as the person being shot on the screen. We prefer
the old cowboy movies without blood.
You know you are getting old when the prices of movies shocks you!
This was a matinee (4:45 PM) and bargain and senior prices was $7.50~
We saw a family with three kids come in and they had to have paid $37 and the popcorn we got, size medium was $6.50! I didn't ask what he paid for the soda.
Well, when I was a little girl movies were 25 cents and popcorn ten cents!
I don't remember paying more than $4 max as an adult.
So I guess it HAS been a while! *************************************************
At home on Sunday I found two of my daffodils had bloomed open!
And two crows were having a very loud conversation on top of our two redwood trees!
and this is our winter temperature on Sunday!
I hope your weekend went well too.
And wishing you a good week ahead.
I started a new quilt, and I finished another book by Jodi Picoult.
(I'll review it in my side bar) HCM


  1. Yep, you're getting old, long with the rest of us! I went and saw The King's Speech last month and had to sit through gruesome previews that made me wonder how numb it makes kids feel about killing.

    On a happier note, loved your 'steal' at two bucks, and orange trees! Amazing the 'winter' temp there, too!

  2. Lynn, I know you must know that you live in Paradise!!! I miss all of these activities--although I don't think we'd find any owls here, let alone with babies :) (or orange trees for that matter)
    But I do miss my garage sales! You got a good deal.
    We usually go to about 3 or 4 movies a year. I LOVE going--it's the only time I eat popcorn-and it's one of my favorite parts--our matinee prices are only $5.50 here though :)

  3. Oranges and daffodils. and 70 degree weather. lucky you. Movie popcorn is not something I buy anymore nor even attend a live movie up here where I would have to drive for 45 minutes to do so.

  4. Oh Just Stop It! I'm green with envy over your pretty weather and your bargain finds. You lucky girl!
    Snow here again today. Sigh.
    Looks like a very enjoyable weekend you had.

  5. You got some great photos here. I love the little Owl shot. We watched that movie HOOT last week..It reminded me of the Owl card I got from you. Cute movie too.

  6. Ohhhhhh, Lynn! You made my day with that daffodil picture! Just the thoughts of seeing something popping through the fresh earth has made my heart sing. We're till covered in snow (with a nice coating of ice on top). Thanks for making me smile today! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. I know the feeling. It all that ultra violence that has entered main stream is just not necessary. I love that box of threads! Score!!!

  8. Oh, I am so terribly proud of you for biting the bullet (ha!) and shelling out to have that big screen experience for True Grit. Wasn't the girl wonderful? Jeff Bridges wasn't bad, either, eh? Sylvain and I get in for $5 each and almost never buy their drinks, though sometimes we buy a bottle of water and split it, or a small popcorn and split it. We don't spend a lot of money in many areas of our lives, but we do love our movie nights.

  9. What a fun happy post! It just sounds perfect. You have the best luck at these garage sales!!

  10. ohhhh I've been wanting to see True Grit too. My hubby is somewhat of a gun collector so I'm always hearing how that gun wouldn't do that, and that's too many shots for that gun, and more of the like. I think he should advise on any movie with guns. Your spring looks and sounds wonderful!

  11. You know, the warmth here makes me awfully tired the whole day. We had 80 degrees yesterday... I love to read Jodi Picoult's books, althugh sometimes they get my blood boiling!!!
    Lovely little owl!!!

  12. I want to jump right into these photos. The owl, those sweet baby llamas, oranges(YUM). It looks so beautiful. Congrats on the $2 jackpot, awesome! My hubby still wants to see true grit. He loves candy and always smuggles it in my purse.
    Wishing you a Happy Week my friend!

  13. Flowers already, I am so jealous!!!! Arney and I do not go to the movies either. But he wanted to see True Grit. We also went in the middle of the day. And getting in was not so bad, but for a box of popcorn for Arney and two cokes, it was $1800/but the movie was really good. And a couple of days later we saw the old True Grit also. I love the music in the first one. But the town and just everything was really fun in the new one. I have a hard time with some of the things that are out there to watch...You feel like you will be blown up right there in your set...:)Mary


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