Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Apple and Oranges"

How many opposites can you find in this quilt?
For answers continue to read the rest of this post!
I started choosing fabrics and sewing at eight a.m.
The Art Quilt Blog offered up a new challenge for the month of February called "Opposites". The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking of opposites was "Apples and Oranges". Thus the title of my made in one long day quilt.
But I wanted to use other opposites in the quilt besides the obvious apples and oranges, which I cut out early Friday morning from sheets of wool I bought new at the quilt shop recently. (I rarely rarely almost never use new materials in my art). I felted them down to a flat of felt (from a roll I got at the thrift store) using my Baby Lock embellisher machine. (new and old materials are also opposites!)
I thought about lining them up across from each other on "opposite sides" of the quilt in more traditional like squares, but decided instead to toss them up in the air and let them land where they may...I liked the helter skelter look better. I then free motion sewed them down again with a spiral design in the apples and a circular design in the oranges.
I like the way the back of the embellished piece looks
I had a lot of orange and green, which reminded me of time in my childhood when I had dressed myself in green shorts and an orange blouse and my mother made me go change after telling me orange and green did not go together. I found contrasting colored embroidery floss, which I used next to outline the fruit to show it off better. All the while wondering about what else I could do to show opposites. I went on line and checked the color wheel, for although I have a masters degree in psychology I do not have an education in art. I learned that orange and green are secondary colors and thus lay opposite each other. I was so glad to learn this!!! I then added some contrasting orange netting to the oranges and topped it with tiny orange beads and one gold bead each. I decided to dig into my button stash and used orange buttons in opposite corners one large and one small; and green in the alternate opposite corners again one large and one small. Opposite places and opposite sizes.
I used variegated orange/yellow embroidery thread and made a blanket stitch border all around. If you look closely there are some opposites in color across the quilt in those stitches.
I then went quite crazy beading large green then smaller orange and white beads following the pattern of free motion sewing I'd done earlier in the day around the apples and oranges. Some same matching colors and some contrasting colors opposite each other across rows. Some gold beads were added for extra sparkle. And each apple got one green bead to make it pop a little bit more.
I started this quilt in the morning of my day off around 8 a.m. and ended at night around 8 p.m. Opposite ends of the day! And I think I finally got out of my system my thoughts about orange and green not going together! On my quilt they go together quite well in an
apples and oranges
sort of way!


  1. oh, lynn...this is so awesome! you did such neat things with it. no, i could not see you using that first pattern you laid out...but the tossed up is way better!!! i am almost finished with my felt book valentine, which i have made for the grands to give their mom for a surprise! i can't wait to post pics, but will have to wait until after she recieves it to show.
    i am gonna go get some oranges have encouraged me to get some additional antioxidents to eat as well!!! :)

    have a beautiful weekend lynn!!!

  2. Seeing this up close really shows the details. I love the opposites. I am glad you found that orange and green go together. As well as pink and orange (one of my favorites). I really like the texture of this quilt.

  3. The texture and colors are all great. Love the beads this was your FRIDAY. :)

  4. I love, love, love this opposite quilt - it is awesome! I also loved that you said "I liked the helter skelter look better". I always choose the uneven, helter skelter, chaos look over the neat and organized.

  5. No better way to spend the day! And your color combo reminds me of the Irish flag too :) .... I remember my dad pinching me if I wore orange on st patty's day ... Now my husband wears orange on purpose (having been raised Protestant) while I wear my green (catholic) .... Opposites attract!

  6. Great quilt & loved reading about the process too. Such fun!

  7. Love this one ! Reminds me of one of my favorite movies "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where the Greek Dad does his "apples and oranges" speech..."we are all fruit, so der you go ! "
    Love the quilt and you are lucky to have such nice tools ! ;)

  8. I think this is absolutely beautiful - its my second favorite after Sunny.

    Hey...a little package coming your way....

  9. Bravo! Another brilliant creation. I just love this quilt!!!

  10. i had to smile at the thought that the apples and oranges landed randomly. they look anything but: a tribute to your talent.

    i will remember orange and green from now on. i was just thinking about orange and purple and orange and blue (marianne) and now thanks to you i'm into orange everything

    orange you glad, lynn?


  11. Julie thank you so much. Glad you liked the way it fell together. And I am looking forward to seeing your Valentine book. I bet it's terrific!

    Lisa, I like the texture too. I will have to rethink pink and green now too. ;-)

    Cris, yes, thanks, it was a fun Friday!!!

    Pak Art, thanks so glad you like it too. I see we see eye to eye in our ideas of chaos vs organized pieces!

    Kimmie, thanks for bringing to the fore this other reason for orange and green, I'd forgotten this but appreciated being reminded. Yes, Opposites attract...thats why friends call DH and I the "odd couple". ;-)

    Viv, thanks for popping in today and I enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time today too. I like your art there.

    Kim, thank you! Cute reminder of the Greek speech! Yes, I have a lot of fun with both machines!

    Mim, you like it THAT MUCH huh? Wow! ;-))) Thanks...and thanks for the pkg too. You are so good to me.

    Chris, so glad you like it!!! Thank YOU!!!

    Kj, thanks, and I did literally toss them and let them land. I was lucky! ;-)) Yes, Im glad ;-))

    Love all your reactions to Apples and Oranges! thank you one and all.

  12. This is really cool! Why an't those colors be together , I think they are perfect!
    You did a great job on this quilt Lynn. Very lovely and artistic!

    have a nice Sunday♥

  13. wow...your energy amazes me!! And I love how serendipity worked for this project!

  14. I love it! I love the beading and quilting. It gives it great texture! You are so creative and productive!! Opposites on the color wheel always make things pop.

  15. Wow, love this...the deep, rich colors of fall and windtossed like autumn leaves!


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