Friday, February 4, 2011

Showcasing Susan Lenz

Art by Susan Lenz: DO click on photo to see all it's intricate beauty!
This stunning art quilt is done by Susan Lenz and you can see more of her art here. Susan is an incredible artist who has had her work in major art shows all over South Carolina and as far away as Texas. She does not simply make art quilts she makes art productions!
Please see more on her blog, subscribe to her newsletter and enjoy her website.
Please look for her body of work called "Personal Grounds" is outstanding.
I ♥love♥ all of Susan's work. I met her through her blog and have become a HUGE FAN!! I think you will be too once you see all that she does! She is simply an amazing artist!


  1. Wow!! The photo doesn't enlarge, so I'll run over to her blog.

    Wow again!

  2. I have one of Susan's books. She does awesome work.

  3. i have seen her work, she is amazing...thanks for sharing the links, i am off to see!!! have a wonderful weekend, we are in for some lovely weather. xx

  4. This sure is pretty. Rather like a fabric mosaic. Very nice.

  5. woooooooow! amazing! just like you! ♥

  6. I popped over to her blog - her windows are really beautiful! Thanks for the post!

    You asked about the playground game - there's a link in my post (I've changed the colour now to make it stand out a bit more!) to the 'rules' of the game!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. wow - that is something else!@

  8. Isn't her work amazing. I have been such a huge fan!

  9. Bejeweled, like something from Arabian Nights.

  10. Hi!
    Thanks so very, very much to you for posting such a complimentary entry (I'm blushing!) and to all your readers for such nice comments! (Though, I've never written a book....maybe next year!) Later today I'll be in my studio stitching happily with all this support ringing in my ears and heart! Thanks!


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