Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's The Wierdest Thing You Have Ever Put On Your Blog?

I found a yam in a bag that had a few leaves starting to grow off it's side...
So I put it in a glass of water and roots grew
And more leaves grew...
and grew...
and will continue to grow...
Until perhaps it is growing all over the kitchen counter, unless of course it goes moldy first
like my last attempt at something like this did.
Stay tuned. What are you doing to amuse yourself today?
Are you working?
Working at being retired?
Making art?
Tired of making art?
Shoveling snow?
Basking in the sun?
Tell all!
Inquiring minds want to know!!!!


  1. I am not sure about the weirdest thing on my blog. I can do some strange things. I think your viney yam is pretty. Those leaves have such nice color. Of course I am color starved. I go to work today so no art unless you consider the work I do as art, I do. I will probably be making some flower arrangements.

  2. Funny yet beautiful Yam growth, Lynn ! ;)

    Funniest thing was when I took a picture of the Swifter duster close up and said it looked like art...maybe that was a day like today when I am feeling a little cabin feverish...
    Tons of snow all around but it is sunny this morning. Have to venture out to the post office and maybe a bit of a walk with the pooch. Making art and blog reading keeps me sane...
    Hope your Thursday is a good one, Sweet Potato ! ;)

  3. That's a good use for a yam :)

    I am pretty distracted these last couple of days with what's going on in Egypt ....

  4. Lisa, where do you work? At a florists?

    Kim, I LOVE my swifter that I use on our new floors! I hadn't yet thought of photographing it, but now....I might!!!! Walk carefully Sweetie!!!

    Kimmie, yes News of Egypt has us rivited too!

  5. I would have to think about the wierdest thing I've done. I remember doing avacado seeds when a child. never have done one of these.

  6. You are so much fun, Lynn! The weirdest thing I ever put on my blog were photos I took of my brother's staircase with a very slow shutter speed. I moved the camera wildly as I took the shot. He has rope lights installed on both sides of the staircase. You would never guess what it is from the photos...

  7. Can you plant that yam in a shady spot in the ground and make some yams??? That sounds like fun to me!!!

    The wildest thing I ever put on my blog must be a picture of my dirty a/c vent in the ceiling, with a dust kitty right next to it. The dust kitty remains and it is our inside joke each time Emily spies it and asks "What's that, Grandma"??? We just laugh and laugh!!!

    Keep me in your positive vibe thought pattern tomorrow morning...I have an interview at 10:30am. Hospice nurse.

  8. I rooted one of these yams years ago. It grew to immense proportions. Not the yam, the vine! It was all over the place.

    BTW, I think some of my art is pretty weird and I still post it!!

  9. Hi Lynn! I've been struggling a little bit lately, and so haven't come by to visit and thank you for your comments--a little better today and so here I am, checking up on what you've been up to!

  10. Well, this being now Friday, I had lunch at Red Lobster with a couple of friends. Yesterday I cleaned house.
    I like growning vegetables in jars. You just never know what you'll end up with.


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