Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is one of nine completed Fair Isle hearts for the
baby afghan I am making my little grand daughter to be.
Mommy said "No PINK" please
We like "earth tones"
I hope she is pleased with my color palette.
I'll show more in the days ahead.
But tonight I have started the knitting in the round
using my newly purchased 40" attached needles
picking up 94 stitches across the bottom of the finished center rectangle.
However, the directions are to "pick up and knit 94 stitches across the bottom..."
I know how to pick up, but I can't figure out how to pick up and knit at the same time.
So I have a query in to Knitting, an awesome website
with real people who answer questions and real videos that show how to do new things.
I couldn't find the right video for this so I am waiting an answer to my
I know it will come soon, it always does.
Tomorrow night I will be on my way I have no doubt!


  1. Like the hearts. I know how I would do it but I don't know if it is the right way. Hope you find out soon.

  2. I hope you figure it out so you can knit up a storm this weekend. I love the colors you have chosen for this afghan. I am sure your DIL will too. I hope their little girl doesn't grow up loving pink, purple etc. So many of them do without any help. My DIL is one of those Goth type people and my Grandaughter loves pink and purple. Ha..

  3. I never wanted pink as a little girl but now i kinda like it. you are doing well with the quilt, i know it will be love. cool about the website that answers questions.

  4. Great job on the ♥!
    I'm sure the quilt will be a success.

    I emailed you about an item I saw on Etsy. It had your name all over it :)

  5. Love this. lovely work as usual. You will get it done quickly I am sure.

  6. First you pick up and get all the stiches on the needle

    Then you knit a row.


  7. I finally got my answer on Knitting The problem was a semantic one for me. I did not understand the term they were using:"Add a stitch and knit". I knew how to add stitches but I thought they were asking me to add a stitch and then somehow use the second needle to knit it too. But they ONLY meant for me to add the stitches which I have done. So I am fine to go now.

  8. Lolo I saw the cute emboridered necklaces, especially liked that some were made on mens neckties. I have an idea for use of my neckties now too. Thanks!!! Yes, they are very "Me"!!!

  9. LOVE your header photo ... it's wonderful. Hope the knitting and sewing for the afghan goes well

    Carolyn x

  10. I was going to answer your question but it looks like others already have. Happy Knitting.

  11. I can see that your question got answered - I also thought, first pick up, and then knit them (next row). It looks gorgeous. My daughter (12) doesn't like pink either - it's mainly green and orange for her.


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