Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Bodega Bay.................

I want to KEEP more of these photos that will go into my published blog book eventually...I love remembering my days this way. Love was in the air... I have no idea who this sweet couple is, but I couldn't help capturing their love with my camera. (When we got back to our car there was another couple making out in the car parked next to ours...People just couldn't help themselves!) Carol asked yesterday which clam chowder place we tried this trip. This is the one. It's on the road across from the bay on the way up to the headlands. The chowder was much spicier than that of the Tides, but not as thick. We noted that we haven't eaten at Lucas' Wharf in a long time. The ice cream is next to Lucas' Wharf down the little road before you get to the Tides Inn motel. These are all very important to know landmarks and places to go when in the area! ;-)))
I got a few photos off DH's camera, some the same as mine
but I liked his view of this one with the pink flowers better than mine.
And we both agreed that this wall looked like a painting.
Okay, I've told you the sun was shining, and it was, and that it was a beautiful sunny day, and it was, but up on the headlands over looking the ocean it was windy
and that is why I look like I am in Minnesota instead of California!
And now it is back to work with me...
after a wonderful four day weekend!
SUNNY California!
However, the weather person said we may well have the coldest weather in years
coming in tomorrow, freezing cold, so I brought our ficus tree inside
and will dress in my MN garb in the morning!
I got a lot of knitting done on my heart squares too!
Stay tuned to see how they are coming along soon!
What are you up to today?


  1. Your walk at BB is gorgeous. We too saw lovers at the park here this weekend. That warmer weather has put everyone in the mood..for spring. Today I will be working at home. Gotta fire up the ole Maytag and chase the vacuum around the house.

  2. looks like a beautiful time outdoors in nature.

  3. More lovely photos of your trip. you looked cold. The couple kissing on the ledge were sweet. We are preparing for more snow to come. this time it could stick around. Strange weather.

  4. I'm just catching up! Love all these wonderful photos of the Bay. I think I like the ocean swirling around the rocks best. What a great painting that would make. How lovely it would be to have this to get away to. I'd never go home!

  5. Hi Lynn, I love seeing where you travel. I've always wanted to visit your area.

  6. I'm not too sure where Bodega Bay is, but you say "headlands," and I remember those cold cold winds in the Marin headlands. Brrrrr! Beautiful photos .... That rock wall IS a painting!

  7. You look so warm on the cliffs, in your jacket! It looked so pretty up there...

  8. Lisa love your housework chores!

    Katie Jane, we stayed late, trying NOT to go home. ;-)

    Chris, give us a call when you get here!

    Kimmie, the same ocean winds...up the coast maybe an hour!

    Julie, I was very comfy!

  9. Oh, I passed by that place many times and saw people sitting out there eating and always thought we need to stop there. I guess we'll do so soon.


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