Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncle Harry on Friday; and My Saturday

When you are 92 years old and a virus hits you can land yourself in the hospital. That's what happened on Thursday of last week. Aunt Mimi could not rouse her dear husband, and thank goodness she had the where withal despite her severe dementia to call 911. The paramedics came and took Uncle Harry to the hospital. He was unresponsive and once he became conscious was very disorientated. X-rays showed wet lungs. At first they were not sure if he'd had a stroke or perhaps pneumonia. On Friday I drove up there and met my two cousins, one who had flown in from Colorado, at the hospital. Amazingly, Uncle Harry was looking good by then, his mood was chipper, he smiled and joked with us. Subsequent x-rays showed no water on his lungs. So it was determined that he did not have a stroke, nor pneumonia, but a virus that had literally kicked him on his butt. But he was healing. He'll stay in the hospital till Monday at least. We all talked and decided that once more Uncle Harry had dodged a bullet.
But what I really want to record here, and the pictures of it are only in my memory, is the sweet love that permeated between my dear aunt and uncle. When she quietly sat next to him leaning over and straightening his bed blanket, tucking him in to ensure his being warm enough, him taking her hand with his full of IV needles, their gazing into each others eyes, not a word between them spoken aloud, but the feeling of love so thick, as he bent to kiss her lips, and then her hand holding his, made me feel as though I should look away...but I didn't because I wanted to keep this image engraved on my brain for the rest of my was that precious, that dear.
That was the sunset I drove home towards.
On Saturday we got up early on a very sunny day.
And hit the garage sale trail.
And yes, I of course found some goodies, but the best part was driving in the country
which is really just a few miles from our house...
Seeing the yellow mustard growing tall
And this I only noticed once I uploaded this picture. But if you enlarge it you will see the word
"Tyvek" on the building between the barn and the silo.
It's a building material, but also something used in the making of some art quilts.
I've never been able to find it before.
Wonder if I could just go take some off that wall. Think anyone would notice? ***********
I also crocheted some doll clothes; read a bit; and finished an art quilt I can't show till the end of March. I may show some more hints before then.
At home I spent some time sitting in the sun in our backyard...enjoying
the daffodils in bloom
and the objects on my planting table.
Anyone care to take a guess as to what this is?
Enjoy your Sunday!
What are you up to today?


  1. Is that the roots on the yam you kept going in a pot?

  2. I always follow your posts of your aunt and uncle with much interest.
    They always touch my heart.
    So happy he is recovering . I hope they can both live to be 200. What a love story.....

  3. What a wonderful story--God bless them both!
    Love your outings, and.....I understand that it's going to reach the 50's here this week--and I won't believe that till I see it (if it's true, there's going to be a lot of wet and flooded basements around here from all of the melting piles of snow that we have!)

  4. So pleased to hear that your uncle is on the road to recovery.
    This weekend I have been to a table top sale and a bazaar. I bought some lovely shelves, a gas lantern for when our electric goes out and some g clamps for hubby at the sale. I bought some cotton shirts at the bazaar to cut up for my quilt making. So I have had quite an enjoyable weekend.

  5. I like happy endings. I hope your Uncle is well by now. I think the picture at the end is a ball of roots. Some plant you are repotting. Maybe we will see it on Cactus Monday. Enjoy the sunshine. It will be shining here today too. I can't wait to get out and soak up the sun.

  6. I love your description of their kiss .... So romantic in the truest sense .... And I am so glad he " dodged the bullet"

    About the tyvek .... My aunt whose a big crafter uses priority mail envelopes (the thin, flexible kind) she says they are the very same thing and they are "free"

  7. what an inspiration your dear aunt and uncle are. i am glad he is healing.

    tyvek. I believe I was told, by a woman who also makes quilts, that those thin post office envelopes, white, for mailing papers etc is made of tyvek. she uses them. cuts them open. the used to be free but they have made some changes at the PO so not sure if they still are free.

  8. What a sweet story of your Aunt and Uncles love. It shows that love can last thru anything. Love all the photos too. Especially the mustard seeds in front of the Tractor. I hope your Uncle gets home soon.

  9. Dear's hoping they are not apart too long, time is very precious when you are that age


  10. Glad things are better with your aunt and uncle. They are clearly special!

  11. What a beautiful story of the love shared between your Aunt and Uncle! Thank you for sharing their story.
    As for the first it looked like bean sprouts, but I think The Fearless Threader is correct in thinking it is your yam roots.

  12. Oh that last photo looked like a roll of twine till I enlarged it but it is roots of some sort.

  13. I thought your aunt and uncle were living somewhere with people to watch over them? Thank goodness she called 911! They do have a love story going on don't they!

  14. Thanks all. Uncle Harry is weak, but recovering. Hopefully they will get him up on his feet more today!

    Mim, you are right they are in an 'assisted living' place. I'm not sure what time this happened. But Mimi did not pull any of the numerous cords around the house for alerting the need for help, instead she thought to pick up the phone. It did get them help!

  15. What a wonderful valentines day story. I'm glad your uncle Harry is doing better. Blessings to them both.


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