Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

The real Love Story was in my post on Sunday about Harry and Mimi. If you missed it you'll be glad you went back to catch it now. My Darling Husband left me this missive on our bathroom counter. Pretty sweet, huh? On Sunday I gathered the neckties that Henry had dumped on the floor, choose mostly all red ones to make the background for this my 8th Journal Quilt of the year.
A pink tie woven through the other narrow ends of red ties with free motion sewn hearts added
and a spiffy silk (really polyester) handkerchief in the pink fat end of a tie pocket balanced it out making a "Love Connection" on Valentine's Day.
Yes, Lisa, Threader, Bee and Cris, you all guessed right! These are the roots of my yam plant after sitting in a glass cup for a few weeks.
The whole thing blooming beautifully!
again, Happy Valentine's Day!
How will you show love to other's and yourself today? (and of course we do this every day, not just today!) PS
another loving thing.
I learned yesterday that our cooking grandbaby
2nd trimester pregnancy
baby! ♥♥♥


  1. How wonderful and inspiring to with love like Harry and Mimi's ! But love on the bathroom counter after all these years is pretty damn sweet too !
    Happy Love day Lynn !

  2. Sweet sentiments, all around! Happy Heart Day to you, too.

  3. Well CONGRATS on the little girl. How perfectly in the pink. :))
    What a fun art piece. Love love love the colors. :)) Wonder how long that plant will last? Pretty cool.

  4. Lovely work of art of the ties!
    Nice message of your DH ;)
    A new girl, congrats!

    ♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

  5. Lots of love at your place Lynn! Congrats on finding out your coming baby is a girl - sweet!

  6. It is fun to see your heart felt message from this morning Lynn. You are blessed. A new granddaughter will be great. Your heart quilt is sweet. Happy Valentines Day.

  7. Happy Heart Day to you, too! Love that sweet potato vine!

  8. What a great post! Lots of great colors, fun reads and wonderful news to see!!!! Baby girl! How sweet!!!

  9. What a sweet message from DH! And that tie quilt wowee...and a baby girl. It's all good Lynn. Even that wild yam plant!

  10. Happy belated Valentine's day to you Lynn.
    Sweet sweet moment!


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