Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please Pass The Mustard!

For us to drive out into the country side is to go at most five miles from home, which we did last Saturday morning...
Enlarge these photos to the max and then take huge gulps of fresh spring air into your lungs...
unlike us, you will not get any allergic reactions from doing so here...
but do enjoy the views
You might even be inspired to get your paint brushes out...
and lots of bright yellows and greens...
as the mustard was wild and lush everywhere
we looked!
Spring in California!
♥ PS
Uncle Harry is being discharged from the hospital today!!!!!
Color me happy!


  1. Lovely spring scenes Lynn. Thank you for bringing some sunshine into my day. Yay for UH.

  2. Yay for Uncle Harry and your family.
    Thanks for the dose of spring ! Freezing cold here today but the sun is out and reminding me of what is coming soon...

  3. WOW! looks like Sonoma County - California! we have mustard growing in the vineyards and along the road sides and trails.

    Breathtaking, isn't it!

  4. LOVELY PHOTOS. I love the mustard plants. Something that makes me think of Northern CA the most.. besides the redwoods & vineyards.

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! (even though I am green with envy!)
    So glad to hear your Uncle Harry is coming home!

  6. happy to hear about Uncle Harry. Hurrah.

    spring. this is enough to make me move there to CA.

  7. Beautiful views! A feast for the senses!

    So glad about dear uncle Harry too!

  8. So so beautiful!
    I really love the beauty of this place!

    I feel like going for holiday!

  9. Good news about your uncle!!! That mustanrd is so beautiful...we saw huge fields of something very similar in Germany...called Oilseed Rape, and it is used to make biofuels from what I could gather from the locals. Just gorgeous!

  10. Wonderful pictures, Lynn. I just love this corner of the world. Even today with all the rain and wind.

  11. I love, love, love your pictures of spring. My soul longs for warm weather and pretty colors. Sooon. I just need to make it through 2 more months.

  12. Beautiful Sight, Lynn! Such marvellous yellow...I am reminded of the wonderful Hindi movies where you come across such splendid fields reminding of ones homeland.

  13. What absolutely gorgeous pics Lynn. Splendid sunny yellows out there in your lovely countryside. Good news about your uncle too!


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