Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animal Kingdom in Our Little Corner of California

The past two weekends sunshine took us out to the local countryside...and we were astounded by the array of wild life we encountered beginning with this young ostrich who enjoyed showing off her plumage! This older ostrich seemed to enjoy prancing back and forth in front of our car behind this fence.
And here is Puffy again!!!
I love this view of the "headless duck"!!!
This huge abundance of ducks/geese are living in a private home yard just a hop, skip and a jump from my dentist's office.
I am not sure what this little young llama was thinking of my picture taking as she stuck her tongue out at me!
Can't you just imagine what we could make from
the lush thick wool from these babes?
Or the yarn this lovely would give us for knitting?
I adore these curlly horns!
Wishing you a Happy Animal Wednesday!
A HUGE RAIN/WIND/HAIL STORM is coming our WAY any minute so if I seem
missing in action you'll know why. So glad we had our trees cut back!
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  1. Love these pics Lynn, especially the last one, clearly not showing his/her best side! :)

  2. wow - these are amazing pictures!

  3. posted too quick - meant to also say HAW

  4. how fun, you must not be far from me...i have been trying to guess ;) xx

  5. and i sure would not want to be the one in charge of shearing those sheep....they are amazing looking but have you ever seen what lurks beneath all that luscious wool? oh my, not pretty....have a good one, lynn. ;)

  6. What great photos. Love the first one. but they are all great.

  7. Stay safe and warm inside!
    Lovely pictures, what a joy to have this all in reach of you!


  8. these guys are curious and incredible. what a wonderland/zooland you are surrounded by.

  9. What handsome beasts you have come across. Happy animal Wedensday. I hope you are safe from the storm.

  10. I love your "neighborhood" photos! Its funny I'm seeing your animal photos today....I was forced to take a detour on my way home today and saw 2 llama near my house!! I had no idea there was a farm right in the middle of the city!
    I hope you are safe from the storm!

  11. Patti, That last shot was just him walking away, a perfect ending to the post!
    Mim, thanks I thought so too! Good models!
    Linda think cow town!
    Thanks Diane, Cris,et all.
    And not too worry about "the storm" far it has not been a big deal here after all.
    Bee happy to see you have llamas too!

    Spoke to Uncle Harry tonight. He's home from the hospital. No memory of my having been there. Feels weak but "better than I was" he said. He said he's winding down.
    He had a visit from grand and great grand children today and that made him very very happy. Thanks for all your well wishes.


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