Thursday, February 17, 2011

Move Over Ms Em I'm Coming In...

Yesterday I had some free time and I dropped into the local library where this new knitting book jumped off the shelf into my hands... I was attracted by the colors and designs of this wonderful artist Kristin. I had maybe tried something in Fair Isle knitting once a long time ago, failed miserably and put that idea out of my head. But I found the cutest artsy baby blanket of hearts and bright colors in this book so decided it was time to give it another try. I learned a lot from reading and doing and making mistakes. This Wonky looking square is wonky looking because I pulled the yarn that you
drag across the back while changing colors too tightly. The author said there is nothing to be done to fix it...but I think this one will at least become a journal quilt to capture my first attempt.
I'm pretty sure I can do will keep practicing until I can get some fairly even squares with fairly flat hearts.
But in the meantime don't you see the artiness of this one? I'm also thinking that I might have to make a fabric backing for the blanket like I'd do on a quilt to hide those loose strands of yarn. Or can't you just see a baby getting all tangled up in them? Maybe I'll only have to back each square! Oh the ideas they are a flowing now.....


  1. Awwwwww... a wonky heart! I love it. Yesterday I happened to go through a couple of my blog posts from several years ago and found such nice comments from you. Have you been a bloggy fairy in my life that long? Wow! I love your creative goodness. Thank you for always sharing it with me!

  2. I like to hear how your muse guides you through even your perceived failures Lynn. This will be a wonderful quilt. I didn't mind the wonky heart. Too bad my MIL doesn't live nearby. SHe could teach you how to do any knitting. She is a whizz. I know you will figure out how to do it.

  3. I too love the wonky heart. and the way this book leapt out at you. man, i love it when that happens. looks like fun!

  4. I think that would have leaped out at me too. What a lovely colorful book and the heart quilt will be lovely when done. Just be careful of what you back it with if you ever wash it. It might shrink. Love the colors you picked. You are always doing new things. Bravo!

  5. You should check out Kristen's blog! She lives in my area and some of her books were published by the company I work for. I'm not a crafter but her sense of color is indeed amazing!

  6. M. Heart, thanks. I went to Kristin's blog. It's amazing. A mix of cute sheep and fantastic knit pieces!

    Cori, Yes, we have been followers of each other's blogs for a long time now. Lucky us!!!

    Lisa, glad you enjoy my muse-ings... I could use some help!!! LOL

    Suki, it's fun but trying! Hope I can stick with this.

    Cris, thanks for your tips too.

  7. I love your heart Lynn! Thanks for visiting me today, I needed a hug♥
    Love to you(and Hugs)artsy sister!

  8. I think it's a wonderful experiment - sometimes the best things are funny mistakes

  9. This is nice, Lynn, despite the crookedness of it. I rather like it, but then I like wonky things.


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