Friday, February 18, 2011

Tea Anyone?

#9/2011 art journal quilt
"Tea Time"
Made with used tea bags I collected for some time...sewn haphazardly
across a layer of batting and white polyester fabric
with burgundy threads left hanging. click to enlarge
Big four day weekend...raining cats and dogs here...snow in the low lands about 60+ miles from us. Not cold enough to snow where we are (40's).
Hope to make it to the coast one day this weekend.
Spoke to my uncle Harry yesterday. He's glad to be home.
He had a few lapses in memory, but otherwise seems his old self again.
As my cousins say when he or my aunt have a low point like this past week,
"it's inevitable", but I will not ever be ready to say good bye to them. Just won't.
Wishing each of you a good weekend.
Wondering what everyone will be doing?
Any special plans?


  1. Well, now this is interesting! I love makes me think of all the thousands of cups I've had in my life! Was burgandy a deliberate choice of thread color, or random? Makes me think of cranberry tea!

  2. really cool fun. hope you make it to the coast. i am baking cheese cake and a meal for son's 42nd birthday.

  3. This is a fun piece. Like I said in your other can recycle most anything into a quilt.:)
    I like that the tea has cinnmon in it and smells lovely.

  4. THis is sort of funny to me Lynn. I am so practical thinking I wonder what will happen when those tea leaves come out. You have the most original mind. Love to see what comes out of it. I love tea too by the way. Have a great weekend. I will be visiting family.

  5. I have also seen someone painting on empty tea bags. Makes drinking tea more interesting.

  6. Julie, I do believe the burgandy thread was on my sewing machine. However, I kept it as the tea bags had red stains on them! So it worked for me. The tea is called "Cinnamon Apple Spice" by Celestial Seasonings. Herbal Tea/caffeine free! The ingrediants include hibiscus. Wonder if that is red? Two of the tea bags are something else my DH drank. Thus one with a hanging tag!

    Suki, Happy Birthday to your son! I bet he loves the cheese cake.

    Cris, right one can, & I try!

    Lisa, I will have to be very careful handling this quilt for sure. But if and when the bags break open it will simply have a different weathered look I believe.
    Have fun with family.

    Teri, yes, I thought of adding paint and/or other embellishments, but liked the way it looked in this simple form. So left it as is.
    Think of me when you have your next cup of tea?

  7. This is different. I do believe you would stitch rubber tires onto fabric if you could! You are amazing.
    Nothing special planned here this weekend. Hope you go coastal and have a bunch of fun.

  8. Interesting tea bag piece. Looks like one of those modern pieces that would hang in the Tate (London) and someone would pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for it. You could call it "I had tea with the Queen".

  9. You are so clever, I really like how this turned out! It's pouring rain here too, gotta make my own sunshine.
    No big plans for me, might take my boy to see the Justin Bieber movie.
    Sending you a hug and a little sunshine!

  10. Katie Jane you are oh so right! Art quilting allows for no bars held! And I break as many barriers as I can dream up!!! But I am not the first to make an art quilt using used tea bags! When I figure out how to do rubber tires I will let you know! LOL

    Elspeth, will you please be my agent? I would LOVE to have this or something I made hanging at the TATE in LONDON!!! Love your title too!!!!

    Thanks Jenny!!! more hugs!

  11. HA! Lynn, this has got to be thee absolutely coolest art journal quilt I have ever seen! Nothing more pure than white and tea. Love it!
    I plan on easing back to my old self after fighting fever, chills and a horrible cold all week. Looking forward to days spent in pjs with a cup of, what else, tea!

  12. I love to see your journal quilts. You obviously have such fun making them and come up with BEST ideas. I love tea and I love this!!


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