Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Hearts Have It! I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

I've been practicing and practicing and I think finally I have it down!!!
This is my third attempt at a knit fair isle heart square
with embroidery trim using only two yarn colors for background! And the back strands of yarn are loose enough but not too loose.
They are fairly neat! Here you can see how it looks knit according to the chart before the embroidery is added.
This was my second attempt using three colors shown right after blocking it with the steam iron.
I was still knitting and pulling too tensely.
And of course you remember my first attempt also with three colors with the very wonky outcome!
and the very messy and too tense back strands!
So that done, I am now feeling ready to make this
"Many Hearts Baby Afghan"
design by Kristin Nicholas
for our baby to be.
My daughter in law said they like "earth tones"
so I did my best to choose yarn colors that
would fill their wishes
but still make a
blanket any baby would be
attracted to.
I got brights and lights and darks in greens, browns, gold, sienna, wheat,
bright and darker blues,
red, purple, and a skein of lime green for fun.
21 skeins of Lion Brand Woolese on sale with a savings of $26 total!
Way to go Lynn!
Can't wait to get started!


  1. Awwwww... do you know what is the cutest part of this post? When you tell yourself, Way to go!!!! Awwwwesome!

  2. I knew you could do it Lynn. Your pallette is beautiful for the afghan.

  3. it's gonna be gorgeous, but keep the wonky one - those are priceless

  4. Two handed knitting is so much more interesting than just the knit knit knit or purl purl purl. You have it down pat!

    "many hearts baby afghan" had me thinking of sweet little babies in Afghanistan for some reason ......

  5. such a beautiful blankie this will be. i can see baby as a two year old walking through the house, thumb in mouth, other hand holding her blankie.

  6. These are all wonderful, but I have to admit I like your first one the best. I hope it finds its way into an art quilt one day soon.

  7. Kudos to you Lynn, I admire your tenacity--your willingness to hang in there until you are satisfied with the results. The love you knit into that afghan will be awesome.

  8. I knew you could do it Lynn!!

    Please keep the wonky one. I love it! I know it will be a part of another special Lynn creation ;)

  9. That last one is perfect, but I do agree with the rest, the wonky ones have much artistic potential!


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