Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flowers for Japan and all its inhabitants

I wish I could hand one of my little hand made flowers to every person in Japan right now.Our TV shouts out the news hour after hour and my head spins trying to comprehend
the size of this tragedy.
I cannot.
I am sad.
I am devastated.
I am over whelmed.
I send love, hope, condolences, and money.
I hope my country sends lots and lots and lots of
rescue workers, counselors, and aid of every kind.
I hope more and more people are found alive.
I pray that the continued earthquakes and tsunami's become
of lesser and lesser magnitudes.
I hope and pray that the radiation does not escape
to sicken or kill more people.
Please join hands with me in sending these wishes
and flowers to Japan and everyone there.


  1. We are so sick over this tragedy. My prayers are with all of the people is on our minds night and day...

  2. Its just horrible whats happened in Japan. And whats happened everywhere thats had some major devestation due to fire, water and earthquakes. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan and other places too.

  3. I'm with you on prayers and hope for these people. My first thought upon hearing the news was "this is where my son and DIL are moving". I'm glad they hadn't gone yet, but will be going in February of next year.

  4. I do, I do. There is just no way to know why these things happen, it is at times like this I am glad I don't have TV, it is enough to hear about it let alone see it. I join with you in sending love and prayers.
    I love your flowers.

  5. Your sentiments express my thoughts. The tragedies of late are overwhelming, and trying to place it in perspective for our children is a daunting prospect.

  6. The devastation we see is unbelievable. I have many friends and colleagues loving in japan and it makes me sick to think of this tragedy.

  7. The devastation we see is unbelievable. I have many friends and colleagues loving in japan and it makes me sick to think of this tragedy.

  8. I am sending prayers. It is so tragic and overwhelming. Hard to know what to do really except for the prayers. As is my usual, I do not watch TV news except on very rare occasions. My news of the earthquake comes from NPR radio. I was briefly tempted to turn on the visuals, but have not done so so far.

  9. All we can do is go to a place of loving and praying, just as you have done, Lynn. And also gratitude for all we have in this very moment.
    Sending light and love...

  10. True...The tragedy has affected us all...We all pray for them. Let hope and blessings prevail and prevent further damage.

  11. That's a lot of hoping, but I am right there with you. I cannot imagine living through something like this - twice.

    At first I thought your handmade flowers were adorning a sleeveless black sweater. How pretty that would be. These are so cute.

  12. Beautiful tribute Lynn. I know those poor people can use all the prayers that are headed their way. So tragic.

  13. Thank you for this tribute Lynn--I pray that if some good may come out of this, it is that we are brought closer together; I pray that we see that which connects us in this world is greater than which divides us. Your flowers are a wonderful vehicle of healing.

  14. I am with you in your thoughts. Japanese people are so incredible, they are strong resilient and just wonderful people. They will survive this tragedy. All we can do is hold them in our hearts right now.

  15. beautiful flowers, beautiful tribute.

    I'm sending you an email (very scientific technical) that my DH just sent me regarding the nuclear plant. I haven't read it yet, but since you mentioned it...


  16. my heart is sending flower blessings along with your beautiful bouquet of love.

  17. This is beautiful. I am just speechless as I have seen the devastation that the earthquake and tsunami created in a matter of minutes. It is just impossible to imagine. But our thoughts and prayers are with them. Hopefully we don't have any fall out from their nuclear reactors.

  18. I agree with everything that you have said in this post. I am just speechless. The flowers are beautiful.


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