Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grateful Thursday!

I made a commitment to enter monthly challenges this year on 3Creative Studios for color palette and art journal quilts. They hold a random drawing each month for all the participants and this month my name was drawn to win the wonderful prizes you see below: Terri Stegmiller designed the cat fabric in the lower left hand corner of my collage! What could be more appropriate for me (and Henry). The black and white color book look begs me to color it! Terri also sent me the hand made quilt covered notebook you see in the 3 top right squares. I can always use the Misty Fuse and the sample of "Multi Purpose Cloth"in my creations. Thanks Terri for sending me this very generous prize! There are many very talented artists participating in these two groups. I invite you to come over to check them out. Icons to both are on my side bar. Thanks to everyone who participated in MY Draw HENRY CHALLENGE yesterday! And to everyone who came by to see the pictures and left their comments. Several people have said they still want to draw Henry. Send me your pictures anytime and I will post them in future Animal Wednesday posts. Henry is still thrilled beyond words from all this attention.


  1. You lucky lady. You won some great inspiration.

  2. Very cool prizes ! Nothing like using the good stuff to create !

    Kiss that gorgeous, proud Henry for me.
    Happy Thursday !

  3. Congrats on the win.. Cant wait to see what you do with the kitty material. its so cute.

  4. fun prize is henry getting an inflated head at having so many portraits done of him?

  5. I'm looking forward to more Henry posts. It's fun to get stuff in the mail - you sure got a lot of loot!

  6. oooh, lucky girl!!

    I will draw Henry soon (hopefully) and send him to you via email.

    I love that cat!♥


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