Friday, March 25, 2011

Lucky Lynn's Week!!!

This week I also received a giveaway gift from Annie Coe of Blissful Bohemain :
This delightful little ceramic spoon.
Annie sells her ceramics on her ETSY SHOP!!! It rests beautifully on my stove next to two pretty ceramic bowls that were a gift from my daughter. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANNIE!!!
Annie included this sweet signature card of her own art:
And I love that she sends me her written note on an art card
by our blog friend
You can check out more of Lolo's art on her blog there!
She sells her wonderful cards on her ETSY shop!
So many gifts.
And if that wasn't enough
I had the chutzpah, after seeing Carola of carola bARTz
posting about taking books to her thrift store to make order in her home,
to ask her for one of her Jodi Picoult books I saw
in her photo~and she wrote to tell me she'd like
to send it to me!!!!
Be sure to check out Carola's awesome photography on her blog.
Color me happy and fortunate! ;-)))))))
Happy Friday!


  1. annie's spoon is great fun. and the cards too. it is those with chutzpah that catch the worm. is that a saying?

  2. You are a lucky lady. Have a great weekend.

  3. How fun.. you have really gotten some nice goodies lately. Love the spoon and cards. How cool that art is bought by one and shared with others like the card of Lolos.

  4. You are indeed lucky Lynn.
    Have a great weekend!
    I just wonder, did you receive my Christmas present yet?

  5. Thanks for letting me know Lynn and sorry to ask by now!

    In fact, lolo also didn't get my Christmas present besause i sent to her old address.

    But i have check with you your address before I sent to you.
    Sorry, give me some time, I will resend it to you. This time with register mail.....I will write to you again by end of next week for further conversation Lynn.

    Hope you can understand my situation. I will be away and stay in the hospital for a few days.

  6. Lynn, what a sweetie you are to give me a shout out. I am glad you received the spoon! Lo gifted me those cards by the way :-).I am keeping two for my self! Love and hugs.xoxo


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