Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Henry Close Up and Personal...

When Henry gets on my "lap" it's really on my CHEST and he likes to be as close to my face as he can be. I guess he loves me. Well Henry, I love you back...isn't he beautiful? I think he is a very handsome cat. I love his dots and lines and markings...colors...really, I should draw him from these photos...or someone should. Feel free to if you'd like. We could post a group draw of Henry's next Wednesday! Happy Animal Wednesday!
My ♥ is still very very heavy, but I felt I/we needed a break from the heaviness for one day.
Just sending love and light and healing energy to Japan and to Israel.


  1. Henry has a very 'knowing' look...he seems to be looking at you and feeling your sadness.
    Take care

  2. he's gorgeous and he knows it!

  3. Henry is a sweetheart. Cats know when their people are sad.

  4. Henry has such attitude. I might give it a shot to draw him. I like drawing animals. HAW.

  5. well you know I want to paint that face! I adore tabbies♥

    Esp Henry V!

  6. Henry is a very distinguished and noble looking cat. I think he's handsome too. I'll try to draw him for next HAW too. I need an assignment.

  7. Hey Henry.. you are one cutie!!! I should post my Nikki. She has been glued to me since the bad wind storm, as all our pets have, and I got a good shot of her.

  8. Henry is handsome!!!!!
    He sure is a good model!


  9. Henry is definitely a handsome cat. Funny how they always know when you need a hug.

  10. Hi Henry! You're looking good today.


  11. I think Henry and my cat, Baby, are cousins! Adorable, they are!!!

    Love your header area photo of latest necktie flowers!!! Is it a wall hanging???

  12. Lisa, Lolo and Pac Art send me your photos of your drawings of Henry to my email and I'll post them next Weds on AW. Anyone else who wants to do the same please join in!!!!

    Julie, YES! The header piece is a small wall hanging! Glad you like it.

  13. You know I have a big crush on that handsome dude ! I love how he loves you too !
    Here's to sweet peaceful moments in the midst of it all.
    Hugs !


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