Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My World is...

right side up when across the ocean everything is upside down, smashed, why is it seemingly so easy to step back into go to work...
and act like nothing bad has happened...
enter my garden and smell the flowers
where everything is right side up, in it's place,
peaceful as a cat
smelling lavender...


  1. Aaaahhhh, that lavender would give many people relaxing relief. I can't imgaine the smells in Japan right now. Scary. I hope you draw some sunshine from the golden flower you posted. Pray.

  2. one of the things about knowing what is happening throughout the world, is that feeling of helplessness. so many people in pain and fear, yet here i am warm and with food and water. And i cannot help short of sending money and prayers. mother earth is a strange kritter, she has no thought of us humans when she shakes and stretches and erupts. One day one is living life as usual and the next minute life is turned upside down as you say. Light a candle, that's what I'll do today.

  3. You are not acting as if nothing happened ! You are acting as if this precious day has been giving to you to LIVE, and not waste in helplessness and fear !
    Smell the lavender, feel that glorious fur on that beautiful Kitty and live this day to the fullest, because it is a gift to you.
    These words are for me, for you and for all of us lucky enough to be safe and well today.
    Love to you, Beautiful Lynn.

  4. I was wondering how you got a garland of lavender around Henrys neck. Then I saw it wasnt around his neck. We went thru that bad storm this weekend and I was terrified and it was NOTHING compared to what the Japanese are going thru right now. We go out and clean up the small damage they sit helplessly, but we do have to go on living. They will need months of our thoughts and prayers and what ever help we can give.

  5. Oh Sweet Lynn, I know we are all feeling sad, by the grace of God go I. Nature does what it does and we realize how small we are.Sometimes I wish we didn't have instant news, it is so hard.
    The cabin is in West Virginia. I keep up with the Dotson history with a site called My Family. So I get pictures and feed back from some cousins. We have never met, but we all have the desire to know where we come from. I research all the branches of our family.
    I grow Lavender, I can hardly wait for it to come back to life from our long winter. Your pictures are so fun, so spring!!! Hugs, mary

  6. I love what Kim said. So true, all of these lovely sentiments!

    I have a new mantra since this tragedy has happened to our Japanese friends.

    "Buy the canoe."

    It came about simply because my husband wants to buy a canoe. Not just any canoe, but one that's new and top of the line. One that suits him, period. We're on a tight shoestring due to neither of us working much in nearly 2 years. But now when I see how quickly thousands of people and animals are wiped out in the blink of an eye. So, I say buy the canoe.
    Life is short.


  7. I hate this 'breaking news' it's plastered on all the tv stations...cameramen trying to get closer and closer to people's broken lives...
    This all makes me think we should be living and loving our nearest and dearest our lives like it's the last...
    Take care lynn x


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