Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Doll Clothes; Doll Hospital; Fundraiser Night!

On Friday I made this little out fit for my grand son's "baby bear" a 12" softie he sleeps with. After seeing the clothes I had made for his sister's American Girl Doll he wanted something for his doll too!
And as grand daughter had asked for slippers for her doll I whipped these out as well.
On Saturday after leaving the art gallery we headed to Martinez to the doll hospital. It was closed! But there was a sign in the door saying to bring packages to the house next door so I took a chance as we'd traveled a ways to get there. The nice lady next door called the owner of the shop and I got to talk to her. She said what I needed would cost all of $18 and to leave the doll with Betty, her friend. She'd call me when it was done the following week!
I looked in the window and saw so many dolls in there. I can't wait to go inside and visit them all.
From there we went to my daughter's in the bay area where I got to visit with my cousin Barb and her husband Mike who had flown in from Colorado. Mike was to be the "speaker" at the fundraiser we were headed to next. Mike is a former major league baseball player...and as this was a Jewish fundraiser for scholarship tuition's for kids who could not afford to go to this school it was interesting to this audience to hear a Jewish baseball player talk about his history in the league. You can learn all about him at the link I made above!
My son-in law-and daughter (left) were the hosts for the speaker. We'd been hosted by a couple in their lovely home who put on a delicious vegetarian meal for 14 of us first down stairs. After dinner we came up to their living room to eat dessert, also delicious, and listen to Mike. My daughter is introducing him here.
Mike is on the right under the interesting art that was hanging throughout this home.
Some of the stories were funny and you can see how everyone was enjoying what he had to say!
guests and Mike
My daughter, a guest, and my son in law...
It was a most enjoyable evening, a very full day, a full weekend.
The next day, Sunday, my brother came up to play cards.
He arrived at noon and left around 9:30 in the evening.
I won exactly one hand, the last one!
He left the true Champ!!!
and on Monday


  1. You did have a full weekend. It would be interesitng to see the doll hospital patients. I hope you are rested by now.

  2. What a great day you had. the outfit is adorable. and the booties. what a fun Grandmother you are. and I too hope you get some pix inside the doll hospital. How fun to get to here your own cousin speak and have dinner for a good cause. Loved seeing the Art in the house too.

  3. We have clothes that my mom knitted for our children's bears too! We have lots of dolls clothes too .... And it's the bears who wear them!

  4. Great clothes you crocheted!

    And love the nickname your cousin had - wow. And from the Bronx no less! What did he do after he retired from baseball?

    you live such an interesting life!!!

  5. You have to have the largest family I've ever seen! Most all my relatives have one, maybe two kids each. Very small. Anyway, looks like you had a really good time.
    Love that little bear outfit.
    Those vintage dolls are so pretty.

  6. Mim, Mike went into "heavy metals" not the music, but something about buying and selling metals...and now he and his son run a business teaching hitting to kids out of Mike's home. Kids come from all over the country to learn how to hit a baseball. Apparently its a very luctritive business as it supports two families. They sell videos, and just got back from Italy where they were invited to teach as well.

    Kate, is my family large? Mom had two sisters, each of whom had two kids each, we kids have 0-3 kids each, and those kids have 0-3 kids each.
    The people in the photos of this post are not all my family; only one child and one cousin! ???

  7. Oh those doll clothe are so cute....


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