Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Show and Trunk Show on Saturday!

I had an extremely busy weekend and will show some of it here today! On Saturday we went again to the Lawler House Art Gallery in Suisun to the show: "Text, Texture and Tantalizing Eggs"... and the traveling trunk show!!! I thought Ken Chew's mixed media art piece in a trunk was very fitting for both shows! And of course I was drawn to this piece that seemed to be made of silk tie fabric...I liked how she hung it with the black felt behind the piece. It really made it stand out. I'll have to remember that trick. These look like paintings but they are tissue paper...
It was fun to find my art hanging there "Hearts not Bulling" piece(s)...
and my "I am Descended from women who..." it was a little high up but I did receive some nice kudos about it anyway.
DH was attracted to this piece. Scroll lower to read about it more...
There were several artists there selling wearable clothing, that was truly beautiful...
I knew many of you, especially Lolo, would resonate to this Frieda jacket...
I had the good pleasure of meeting up with Ann (right) and June (left). Ann gave me a lot of compliments on my art, which is awesome as she is an artist whose work is simply outstanding in all ways. It feels so good to be recognized now by many artists members of this gallery, all of whom are outstanding artists. I am humbled to be hanging among them. ;-)
Jane makes really lovely jewelry like the necklace she is wearing, belts, bracelets, head bands, from silk tie fabric. Not from old neckties but the real thing. I fell in love with her necklaces and purchased one, which I will photograph later and show here at another time. I wore it in my dress up outfit I had on for the rest of the evening ahead of us...It looked stunning on a black background!
I hope you can enlarge this article to learn more about June and her art. If you want to see more go to her website at: I bet you fall in love with her wares, quilts and paintings too. DH said he fell into a conversation with this lovely woman and learned all about her wearable art and how much she travels with her trunk of wares from art venue to art venue across the country! I believe she is located in the Bay Area. Karen Boutte. She was promoting her book "Delightful Wearable Designs". You can see more about her here.
After the show we dropped the doll off at the doll hospital, and went on to our evening out.
More about that at a later post.
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too.


  1. Beautiful art!! and congratulations for being part of it. The Gina L. book is so creative, and very interesting facts about her.

  2. What a delightful show! I love the wearable art! Those jackets are outstanding. Would love to own one, but I'll bet they cost a fortune, and rightly so.
    I did know some of that about Gina, as my dad was a big fan of hers back in the 60's-70's. I like how the artist did that book.
    Great post.

  3. wow, what an eyeful the whole show is!!! I stopped cold on the Frida jacket before I even saw that you mentioned me! hahaha:)
    It's stunning to say the least.
    It's always fun to see the shows you're in Lynn.
    Looking forward to seeing you dressed up with your new necklace :)

  4. Looks like it was a fun show with lost of variety. I love the wearable art too. Bummer about your art being up so high. arrgh. but it looks great there. I did remember that Gina did some photographing... but not all of it.

  5. Very cool show ! So many treasures to see. Congrats on your contributions !

  6. Those vests and jackets are fantastic. I would have anted to touch everything.

  7. This is amazing. The Gina Lollobrigida book really caught my eye, and the Frida jacket just wowed me. Such a fabulous piece.
    And I was happy to see something that decorates the top of your blog...
    Delightful post. Thank you so much.


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