Saturday, March 5, 2011

History of a Doll...Sixty Two Years!

Sixty Two years ago this coming December, 1949 Christmas at my grandparents house, I was given this doll as a gift! On the far upper right you can see the rubber band that has broken that held her parts together.
For many years I kept her in this bag from a dress shop in the town I was born and raised in.
These are the pajamas that Mrs. Mildred Storminger, Joann Storminger's mother who lived across the street from us next door to Patty, made for her.
And this is the day I got her! Her dress was bright red and shiny. Her little shoes were black patten like mine!
I also got that clown doll, that I believe Mrs. Storminger also made!
And my cousin Barbara got a baby doll.
Here's my aunt Mimi sitting on my dad's lap!
And my uncle Harry holding new baby cousin Judy.
My mom has her arms around my cousin Neil.
Why do I look so pensive?
And I'm still holding the clown doll.
Wonder if I liked it best?
My brother looks bored. I'm sure he was being the oldest cousin.
Grandpa Abe loved us all. Of that there was no doubt!
And cousin Neil got his cowboy outfit!
He LOVED that!
My mother put my hair up in rags and pin curls!
Uncle Sandy, Cousin Neil and I probably are wondering what is in all
those yet to be opened gifts.
And I hope this is late evening and not the middle of the day,.
but drinking was something my family did
and this was not an unusual scene, dad and Sandy or it could have been
dad and grandpa!
But all that history aside, what I am really most curious about is how I happen to still have this doll sixty two years later!
I imagine she stayed in my bedroom closet at my childhood home while I went away to college for that semester, and then while I traveled the world, winding up in Israel for five years.
Did I collect her when I came back?
I had to have saved her for my daughter I imagine, although I cannot remember her playing with it. I'll have to ask her.
I do remember that when I got her or shortly thereafter I also got an entire wardrobe of hand knitted clothing knit for her by my grandmother and aunts and maybe my mom.
For many years I kept them in a long narrow pine wood box.
My last memory of that box was of my children using it to store crayons. I have no idea what became of those knitted clothes.
Obviously, I tucked this doll away in closets and drawers in many houses (Colusa St. Vallejo;
Matthews Ct., Vacaville; Great Jones St., Fairfield; Rockville Rd, Fairfield;
and now this house where she and I have resided for 23 years. She in that old bag
in a dresser drawer until I took her out the other day, called a doll hospital in Martinez, CA where I intend to take her today to be restored/put back together.
I plan to knit and crochet some more clothes for her and perhaps
give her to my grand daughter for Chanukah this year!
May the circle be unbroken!


  1. Wow.. thats a long time to have a doll. What a treasure. Your GD will love it. What a history. She held up well considering her age. :)) Mine didnt last into Teenage years. Bummer.

  2. Wow; it looks like a Madame Alexander or a Ginny doll. I had lots of Ginny's; but Madame Alexander was really expensive. I saved mine that I got for Christmas in 1957 and she is in her original outfit. She's been with me for 54 years.

  3. Repairing your beloved doll seems like a grand way to recover the memories hidden within. I'm impressed by the number of pictures you have of family events. Rich treasure indeed!

  4. Oh, your dolly!!!! Oh, you brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy you can have her restored and make new clothes! She will be perfect for your granddaughter...oh my. Just a beautiful story, and such amazing family photos! You can feel the love pouring out of them!!!

  5. What a wonderful post. I love the family post and I see how much your grand daughter looks like her granny Lynn. I'm loving your baby blanket too!

  6. Such precious memories!
    Your blog has difficulty to load here half of the pictures I can not see.... :(
    Your aunt Mimi was a very pretty lady!

    Have a nice weekend Lynn!

  7. Wonderful wonderful family memories...
    I can't wait to see your granddaughter's face when she receives her precious gift
    Take care

  8. great story and wonderful pictures. i still have two ginny dolls from my childhood (they are much smaller than this doll) and also I had a doll very much like yours which just a few Xmas' ago i sent to a friend who collects dolls. I also have a tony home permanent doll in very good shape in my doll suitcase which i still have. a lovely gift for your granddaughter for sure.

  9. This is such a great story and great pictures. I wish I had my dolls - they all got stolen from a storage room in our apartment basement. I had a Shirley Temple doll and a Revlon doll - both of which I loved and dragged around everywhere. I'm glad you're making new clothes and taking her to the doll hospital, your grand-daughter will treasure that doll

  10. This is a really wonderful, feel good post! I think it's great that you're having her 'reborn" so your granddaughter can enjoy her. I love the PJ's your friend made for her. The fabric brings back memories for me and I don't know why.
    Love the family photos too, Lynn! My sister has all of ours and she won't share. Not even a baby picture of me, the stinker!

  11. great family photos. I love looking back at family and remembering all the good times. Your doll is a treasure, I'm so happy you are giving her new life.

  12. I am always amazed at people that have items from their childhood. I don't have a thing. Just as well I guess. I don't really remember anything. You are lucky to have all those old photos to jog your memory.


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