Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Animal Wednesday, And I almost Forgot!

Last Saturday took us out into the sunshine...and found lots of wild life to enjoy (besides amazing deals at garage sales)...First, the burrowing owls. I love the love fest that these little guys have with us as we drive up real close and they just stay their ground next to their hole in the ground looking at us looking at them. Are these not the most amazing eyes??? And a flock of roosters made for more colorful photo opts in this family's front yard. And we tried NOT to take this personally...when this ostrich took his time walking across a field of tall grass towards our car we thought to come and say hi,
but then turned his back to us, flared his wings and bend over to present his
bottom to the camera!
Make of it what you will! We are still laughing! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. ROFL.. OH MY THAT IS SOOOOO FUNNY. I went from ooooooo how cute with the owl eyes to laughing myself silly with the butt in face.. I guess it was saying... and take this!! hahaha. Dont they usually stick their heads in the sand?? LOL

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that I LOVE that chicken peeking up in the grass.

  3. Yes those eyes are really something but the butt.....LOL


  4. gosh, the owl is just gorgeous. But that final pic takes the cake.

  5. love all your photos but that last one - too funny.
    I always love your pictures of the burrowing owls - I'm fascinated by them.

  6. Those Betty Davis eyes... Love the butt shot too. You just never know about animals. They are a wonder.

  7. Thank you! ! Libby and Grapes will be in the mail soon!

  8. Hahaha that ostrich!!!!

    I always love to see your owl pictures Lynn, they are such cuties!

  9. owls do have the most amazing huge eyes! I love those little burrowing guys.

    Beautiful rooster too.

    hahahaha, maybe you two were the butt end of an ostrich joke! So funny.

    I still have the printouts og henry's pics next to my computer. When I can find time to do things that don't have to revolve around trying to pay bills, I promise I'll get something done.

    HAW on Thursday!

  10. Those are some amazing eyes, and of course I got a big laugh from the uplifted ostrich bottom. TOo cute.


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