Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Heart Afghan Is Finished!

I am so happy and proud at how well this blanket turned out. What a labor of love. I'd have to scroll down to earlier posts to know how long it took to make; but I swear I poured love into each and every stitch. Here she is laying out on my lavender bed of flowers in sunshine in our front yard. this is the top side and you can see the felted buttons sewn at the corners of the hearts. She needed nine MORE hearts to go on the reverse side...
because I was not okay with having it look like this, even though I think I did a fairly good job of drawing the yarn the right tightness in the fair isle knitting style (which I was doing for the first time)...
So the new nine hearts got pinned to the back of the front nine hearts and sewn down by hand using yarn from the blanket.
Here you can see the hearts pinned down; and front and back sides...
I added embroidery cross stitches between the hearts and around (in green) the outline of the nine hearts top and back in a chain stitch.
I am so proud of the straight line from corner of hearts to the outside corner! First time knitting "in the round" was an act of faith!
Next joy will be giving it to the new parents and seeing new baby wrapped in it (in August)! God willing!


  1. This is art at it's finest--you cannot get any better than this! (until your next project, in your case :)

  2. beautiful.
    You are so so clever!!
    I'm sure this will become a family heirloom, well done

  3. So much hard work turned out beautifully. This baby will treasure it for a long time. It will be so nice and warm.

  4. Being a knitter myself I can totally appreciate the work and love that went into this gorgeous blanket. It's truly wonderful

  5. that is some beauty for sure. your new grandchild will be wrapped in love and surrounded by color and joy.

  6. Oh...this is lovely! I know it will be treasured forever! Even with no baby, I'd love to have it, lol

  7. It is stunning! It looks like it was done by an expert, not someone learning for the first time. You are one very talented lady!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this blanket. WOW. Its wonderful and they are going to just love it to pieces. How could they not!! I guess you still are getting your 'feet wet' as you keep doing new and harder things and doing them beautifully. Bravo Lynn!!
    Oh did I tell you that I LOVE this?? :))

  9. lynn, this is my favorite baby quilt yet! I just love it and so will your new grandbaby ;)♥

    hey...I'm all caught up now! I've had a great time here tonight. Thank you!

  10. stunning! absolutely beautiful...


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