Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing Better Than A Visit From A VERY BEST FRIEND!!!

Patty came a visiting yesterday! Most of you know Patty is my best friend from childhood (infancy-high school-old age/now-hood)...
Isn't she pretty? My yam plant welcomed her in the entry way!
And you should have seen the greeting Henry gave Patty!
He loves her too!!!!
I set a sweet table for our brunch... we started with lattes from Starbucks and cinnamon and raisin bagels with cream cheese and orange marmalade in the living room... Patty came to see my art hanging on the walls and draped over chairs; I know you all like my art, but Patty is my hugest fan! She has a whole wall in her home devoted to my art! We enjoyed a repast of fresh fruit and juice... I had all the fixings for fresh spinach omelets but we got so full we never made the eggs! We just talked and talked...and talked... always about our childhood that holds so many fun memories of how free we were to roam the neighborhoods on skates and bikes; how we loved playing jacks, dress up, and doll house. We were not micro managed like little kids are today. We set off in the morning and came home at night at dinner time, childhood was our job! Patty remembered playing with this doll of mine and about all the hand knit clothes she had to
dress her in!!!
We laughed over a book another good friend, Sam, had sent the day before
all about friendship.
Filled with old timey photos and funny sayings had us both laughing until
tears ran down our cheeks!!!
Laughing like that feels SO GOOD!
Patty you are a huge blessing in my life!
Please come play with me again real soon!
We can't believe this is our 70th year together.


  1. I LOVE this!!How wonderful to have a friend for this long!! And yes, I agree, life was so different back then. It just wouldn't work like that today. I'm glad I grew up in the era that I did.

  2. What a joy to see a long time friendship such as yours and still be good friends all these years later. Its wonderful you get together and laugh and remember the good times.word veri is womon..:))

  3. WOW...lifetime friends like that are hard to come by, I'm sure!!! It looked like a really great visit...I know she loves seeing all your art...who wouldn't!!! Yes, if I come to southern California, I am calling you!!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day!!!!

  5. How wonderful to have a lifelong friend!! It is fun to look back to the way things were when we were children. Sounds like a lovely day! Best to you and Patty!!

  6. It is only right that two such beautiful ladies are such good friends.

  7. We all love Patty!

    Sounds like you guys had a lovely day

  8. That is just so cool! A friendship lasting longer than many marriages! I love the factf that she is your biggest fan .... She had a lot to do with growing the person you have become :)

  9. Yes, she is pretty and you are blessed. You are twice blessed because you know you are blessed. And I love your blog header. Your art is bursting with JOY, just like you.

  10. I loved reminiscing with you! I would have loved to be along and having you point out your special places. I can drive through my old neighborhood - it's just across town, but my old home is completely changed.

  11. it doesn't get any better than that Lynn. it just doesn't ;)


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