Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funfilled Saturday!

After picking up our completed prepared tax forms to mail off we stopped at the Medieval Faire in our down town...This lovely fairy was more than willing to pose for a picture... The royal family was sitting in the throne room...
weaponry was in great abundance...
trades and craftsmen and women were out in full force demonstrating their art making...
and games of swordsmen & women were ongoing...
I bet you were unaware that pirates lived in those same times...
After the faire we drove 70+ miles north to Placerville...where we visited shops of all sorts,
enjoyed outdoor art...
DH was in his realm here...
This Italian Gelato looked so good but we did not have any.
I became enamoured with this style of photo printing on canvas and hung like paintings by this very talented photographer...
and I found one more chicken for Cris... (photo of, I did not purchase it Cris...)
and all the way there and back I knit until I
finished this sweet little soft sweater for our grand daughter who will be born in August.
Sunday is a big day too.
Stay tuned!
And what are you doing this weekend?


  1. I love going places with you--I think I need to live in a warmer climate!!!
    My brother is here from California, so we're actually enjoying ourselves with family this weekend.

  2. I love going to places with you too!! I love that baby sweater you knitted. its adorable. I hope we get to see her in it. I love being thought of when people go places..Chickens reminding you of me. :)) Interesting photo print on canvas too. Fun weekend and it isnt over yet. :))

  3. What a fun trip - I wish my sweetie liked to visit things I like. The little sweater is so sweet.

  4. WOW! What a day!!! My daughter and I, and friends attended out Reniassance Festival every year for 5 straight, in costume! What fun...and then we got tired of same format, haven't been back in years. Loved your photos!

    That is the sweetest little sweater in the universe!!! The buttons just MAKE it!!!

    Happy Passover, Lynn!

  5. It looks like a blast. I was in charge of the Art Show reception at my church. It went very well.

  6. Obviously you were highly entertained. I think that fairy was a butterfly in disguise.


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