Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Perfect Sunday!

We walked/hiked Mt. Tam and were above the clouds! This is the kind of day we always dream of...taking our grand kids on a trek by their parents wanted to go on a 7 mile hike by themselves that would take 3 hours, giving us those hours alone with the kids!
They were intrepid hikers themselves as we trudged up hill, up this majestic mountain overlooking the valley below...
Grandpa always full of information to share points out the sights, the kids storing information to tell their parents later over dinner. He also told them of the day many years ago that he and I drove up this mountain and both the sun and the moon were out and he professed his love by telling me he was giving me both the sun and the moon! Now that was a romantic act!
"Come on grandma, you can do it", as I huffed and puffed climbing that hill...
Near the top we met up with this man on the right (his back to the camera), who told us he and his wife were 79 and 80 yrs old...both with walking sticks, seeming in far better shape than I, and getting to the top before us! What an inspiration they were.
And we did make it!
On the way down we stopped to smell the California Poppies.
And later we met up with the parents coming in off their long hike and we made it to the beach together...
Where my daughter, son in law, and grandson played Frisbee...
and my grand daughter reached to the sky for it...
while grandpa took a contemplative walk alone on the beach remembering old friends he'd trekked this beach and environs with in his own youthful years...
From there we all enjoyed a Mexican dinner together that was very delicious and then got into our separate cars and drove to our separate homes...hoping the next time we do this is SOON.
What a perfect day. I took way more photos and will probably post some on future blog posts of the scenery that was nothing less than spectacular!


  1. Oh how I've missed seeing your days with those two cute grands, and haven't they grown! We are so blessed aren't we? Now we are also related as I bought one of Mim's dolls too....ha ha

  2. sounds fabulous. Mt Tam. Yes, brings back a memory. I hiked up but maybe not to the top with some man i met in SF. Actually we hitchhiked over from the city. It was lovely. We lay back in the grass and looked at the sky. THEN I discovered he had ulterior motives which I wanted no part of. We hitchhiked back to the city in somber silence. Actually, this is where the elderly woman in a maroon DeSoto comes in as she picked us up and drove us across the bridge.

  3. Pure magic ! I am sure one day, a long time from now, those kiddos will reminisce about it - "Remember that day with grandma and granddad on Mt.Tam..."
    Lovely heart wamring memory making, Lynn !

  4. Yes! A perfect day in every way!!

  5. Looked like a beautiful day out there. What fun memories you made.

  6. What a perfect outing - I loved the pics! Looked like such a happy day! Loved the bit about the sun and the moon too - what a romantic hubby you have Lynn!

  7. These two are really growing!!! You guys had such a grand time...I can hear it in your heart! The scenery is gorgeous, for sure!!!

  8. Gosh, I love Mt. Tam. The view from up there is priceless. I haven't been for a few years, so it's definitely time. Which beach did you go to afterwards? It looks lovely.

  9. Carola, we went to Stinson Beach. It was so beautiful.


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