Friday, April 1, 2011

Just A Couple of April Fools

What we did on April 1, 1985: Cris sent us this beautiful hand painted Anniversary card to help us celebrate our 26th year!
Thank you Cris, we both love it!
Early Lynn and Fred
in the rental on
Great Jones St.
Pre-marriage. Just getting to know each other...
A few years later...still "just living together" Still not married...
At my son's first wedding...we are six years married
Starting to grow old together...
Really old together
(thanks Karen)
25 years later and still in love
Today we celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary
and our 33rd year since our first date!
What a ride!!!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two April Fools. :)) It does looks like its been a good ride. Many more years of happyness to you both. Glad you liked my card.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you ole fools. What great photos. I love seeing you two when you were spring chickens.

  3. Lisa that is so funny. When I met Fred his boss at work met me and told Fred: "She's no spring chicken" !! I was I was an old lady of 37 years!!! LOL

    Thanks Cris!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Lynn and Fred. What a fun day to get married and then laugh each year about being April Fools.

  5. Lovely to see people who have grown together and have an obvious love for one another.Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy anniversary, Lynn and Fred!!! Love that last photo!

  7. Happy Anniversary...I hope that today we are all a bounch of April fools! Your pictures a priceless, love is wonderful and it looks like you got a good guy!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:) Mary

  8. Lynn, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! a day late. I love your photos! You are both so lucky and blessed. I hope it was a wonderful day.xoxo

  9. Hey Lynnie
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    Its so beautiful to see your love grow...the bond getting stronger... its so romantic!!!
    Wonderful card from Cris!
    Wishing you all the happiness in the world...
    Loads of love

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    Good to see you are still so happy together after all these years!

  11. Happy Anniversary. You are so lucky to have found each other for sure.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both. I know I'm a bit late getting here, but I wanted you to know how happy I am for both of you as you age well together.

    Here's to many, many more.

  13. Wonderful - belated Happy Anniversary!

  14. Beautiful post! You two look so happy together! Happy Anniversary and many more years together.

  15. Happy Anniversary Lynn! I love your wedding announcement!


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