Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unveiling Next New Quilt: "Gossamer Spring"

This art quilt was done for the Quilts Around The World Challenge: "Different" to be revealed today! This has been done in my get it done early style for a few months and hanging on our living room wall. Even though she was done much before reveal date I definitely took my time and enjoyed the slow hand work throughout.
Click on photos to see more details The entire quilt is hand sewn (except maybe the turning of the background fabric to the rear)... I have Mim to thank for the main two pieces of "gossamer" fabric in turquoise and gold, THANK YOU MIM for this gift! They inspired me to heavily
embroider and hand bead this piece! I had fun adding my silk tie flower buds to the corners...
& adding zippers for stems...
And large crocheted flowers in central focus...
I loved the flower centers using buttons and jewelry wire and beads for stamens giving it a dramatic 3D effect.
This quilt will take her chances at the juried art show locally and at the Dixon May Fair art quilt show: art quilt division.
She's for sale with the stipulation to be sent after those shows end.
The challenge was to do something different
and as you can see many of the materials used
are "different" from things I have used before.
Gossamer: The "samer" means Summer, but my 'different' is calling this
Gossamer Spring!
To see more of the groups "Different" quilts go to the link here. They will undoubtedly be posting all week long.


  1. Lynn, your talent is amazing! AMAZING!!

  2. Wow this is great. I love the hand work. All the beads stitches etc. The zipper as stems is brilliant.

  3. WOW.. Now I know why you wished you had gotten that bag of zippers.. THIS IS AWESOME.. what a great use of Zippers..You are in a flower mode.. Loving it. Must be spring fever..:)) Grat job.

  4. Love the quilt work, I have a few from my inlaws and would love to get another for a guest room. great work Lynn.

  5. Once again, I am blown away! Amazing.

  6. Oh, good grief, Lynn...this is outstanding!!! When I saw that the stems were a zipper I nearly wet my pants with amazement! Brilliant, I tell you! What a fantastic peice of just all flows together to make something truely wonderful!!! Enjoy the art show with her (I think she is female)!!!

  7. Just awesome Lynn, zipper stems are fantastic and I love those crochet flowers. Sure to be a winner.

  8. This must have taken hours!!!! I wish I could sew. You make me want to learn.

  9. wonderful and good luck in the two shows.

  10. Would love to get the 411 when some/any of these come to a showing so I could look/touch feel live.. what beautiful works of art Lynn..truly a talent you are.. fun to finally look through! Love, Deb


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