Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fastidious Henry and A Bit Shy!

Several more people said they would draw Henry this week but the pictures have not yet arrived. If/when they do I will post them. I heard far and wide from people about this. Friend Patty said she drew a stick figure of Henry but was too shy to offer it up for showing. My sister in law said she wanted to draw him with her cat Jack Henry!
And what is Henry making of all this fuss? He's a bit shy about the whole affair and says wow
it's more than I can handle.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Henry SHY??? No I can't believe it. He must have just been in a mood this day. Maybe he just needs a vacation. HAW.

  2. His personality shows through! Handsome cat he is!

  3. Sorry I have been a slow blogger and blog visitor lately. Your Henry is adorable! I just love cats!
    Look forward to seeing more drawings. :)
    Sending you big hugs from Oregon! I'm getting together with Judy tomorrow, I'll give her a hug from you.

  4. Even when he is shy he is so photogenic!


  5. Oh!
    That last photo is priceless!
    Beautiful Henry!

  6. Cool post Cool post!
    Don't be shy henry you know you are the best tabby! (I have to say tabby otherwise a few cats around here get jealous........)


  7. I think that shyness is just an act ! He is loving all this attention ! Beautiful Boy !

  8. What a lovely boy he is! Am catching up with your posts Lynn - as ever, you have been very industrious!

  9. I love you Henry, I really do. xoxo


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