Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mim's Girls Arrived Safely...

from Boston...I picked them up at the airport (front porch) They came in the house and looked around... Gorgeous Grapes was a little timid at first, she wasn't at all sure she'd ever overcome jet lag...
but Librarian Libby assured her to take a few deep breaths and settle down that she would be fine.
We three sat up till the wee hours in the morning talking about their
decision to leave the winters of Boston and
settle in sunny California...
And then the girls decided to call it a night...
both putting up their hair in pin curls and pin swirls respectively! The next morning we gathered in the kitchen
Libby having slept well was ready for the adventures of the new day...
But Grapes was worried about having left Mim in Boston.
We finally decided to make this blog post to tell Mim
they are settling in, if Grapes is just a tad anxious and misses her,
but Libby is sure they will both be fine
in another day or two.
I am delighted to have two new girl friends
moving in with me.
Henry likes girls a lot so he warmed up to them quick as quick could be.
And if that wasn't fuss enough Mim sent them packing with an array of
beautiful fabrics for me...
So we can all start imagining what they will
turn into!
I'm sure Libby and Grapes will help me in my art studio!
Thanks Mim for entrusting them in my care.
If you'd like a few of their friends to come live with you
you can aquire them from Mim's ETSY HERE.
Thanks again
Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. What a fun post, Lynn!! Love Mim's girls (and Henry, of course!)

  2. how LOvely they look after traveling so far! Glad they made it safe and sound....they are rather a cute couple and I like the fact that they stayed together!

  3. those girls are world travelers now. how cute.

  4. haha!! This was so enjoyable! They really do have such personalities!
    I'm so glad they live with you.♥

  5. Too cute. Gee, Mim will have 'relatives' all over the world.
    Hi Henry.

  6. Oh how adorable. I think Mim needs to make tags for them. Like the beanie baby toys. Naming them and a little story. :)) Of course these could be Lynn and Patty best friends since for ever. :))

  7. The 2 of them could keep you in stitches for weeks...
    They are wonderful
    Take care

  8. How darling those two girls are!
    I spy the spoon I sent, what are those two up to?
    And Henry, Thank you for that, I always love seeing his lovely face. xoxo

  9. I just wrote a comment. Not sure if it went through. It said that I've not been very good with my own blogging lately—and have been even worse with checking other people's blogs! Glad to see all is well . . . still crafty and catty.

  10. this was so much fun, I found myself ready to read more about the girls...thank you for this! Hugs, Mary

  11. wow wow wow

    this could be the beginning of a whole village, lynn!



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