Thursday, April 14, 2011

My To Do List!

Looking at my notes scattered over my desk each filled with a date of something I have to do... putting them into my date book...This Saturday: Pick up taxes, write checks, mail them in!
Friday, April 22nd: Shop for food for Passover meal; prepare food;
Saturday April 23rd: Enjoy Passover with family!!! Big cousin bash!
And on same day in the morning take art to the Dixon May Fair for exhibiting!
Friday, April 29: Terry Busse is having an art and garden show at her home in Davis; Go with Patty!
May 4-8: Dixon May Fair...go on weekend to see mine and others art on display!
May 14, Saturday: deliver art to the Vacaville Art Gallery for jury to view the following day.
Sunday, May 15: Volunteer to help show art to judges for judging at the art gallery. Be brave!
May 20th, Friday: Grandparents Day at little grand kids school! Luncheon and Classroom visits.
May 21, Saturday: Juried Art Show at Vacaville Art Gallery.
May 27, Friday: Take art to Davis Art Center for Sunflower art show.
June 10, Friday evening: Art reception Davis Art Center for Sunflower art show.
Happy Grateful Thursday!
I sure am!
{photos taken by me from a recent walk near my office; sky by my home; field from a town away taken by DH; food taken by me at a restaurant in Benicia}


  1. you do have a full plate and i dont just mean the last picture!! Hurrah for all your art centered fun and grandparents day, how wonderful. have a great WE.

  2. Isnt it great to be so busy with fun things. All great photos here. Love the tulips.

  3. lots to do but that bagel sure looks good!

  4. You are a busy lady. Loved seeing some of your flowers. The ladies that came to live with you are sweet. I am sure they will settle in just fine.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos... I keep wondering if my red bud trees will bloom this year, like in your photo... - Donna

  6. haha, Mim must be feeling better if food looks good to her!

    I love how rich and full you keep your life. Good for you! You are an inspiration in many ways.♥

  7. What a full diary! Love it with the photos.

  8. How wonderful to have so much on your calendar. I love your two photos with lots of sky in the frames.


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