Friday, April 15, 2011

Music to my ears...

My American Idol!

If you know him please don't mention that you saw/heard this here,

he'll kill me!

But sometimes I just want to share this wonderful voice I get to

hear daily. ;-)) ♥♥♥ I hope you'll enjoy it.


  1. WOW.. what a wonderful Rich voice. There wasn't enough here. I didn't realize he had such a deep rich voice. WOW. Thanks for sharing.

  2. fabulous. lucky you to hear this beautiful singing all the time! Two talented people.

  3. He's really good. Don't worry, I won't tell.

  4. Wow, he has a great voice. Thanks for sharing. Lucky you getting to hear it every day. I won't tell a soul you recorded him and posted.

  5. Oh that was lovely Lynn ..dont worry i won't tell !!....x

  6. wow - he's got quite a voice! is it really a secret? does he read your blog?

  7. Thanks all!
    Mim, no he does not read my blog. Would not know how to get to it.
    And I am serious, he would not be at all happy that I posted him singing. But he sings so well I think it's to be shared. But I am one who shares all and he is a very private person. So I guess I am a bad wife.

  8. I felt like a voyeur!! So glad I got to hear him. He really does have a rich, passionate voice.

    Thanks for being sneaky (in a loving way!)♥

  9. So good to finally hear his voice. All the photos you've posted your husband with a guitar in his hands have left me wanting to to hear more.


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