Friday, May 27, 2011

Fit To Be Tied or Tying One On!

:Tools of the Trade:
I've never "tied a quilt" before
so I had to learn the ins and outs of it.
First I discovered I needed a very sharp needle with a big eye.
Then even that was difficult to push and pull through these thick upholstery samples
so I found a thing called a "needle puller" a small round thin rubber disk that when held between index finger and thumb worked the needle through the
fabric with ease! Amazing.
And of course those 150 safety pins to hold it all in place.I called my friend, Diane in Davis, the Queen of Quilting for advice about
tying the knots. And I went on line and watched a video too
just to get her words to have a visual to go along with them.
It's push needle with yarn into and out of fabric (about 1/4") then back again
through same holes...with two strands laid out flat in opposite directions to tie.
Tie them like tying your shoes, but do it twice around, and then twice around again
and then pull it tight into a surgeons knot!
Now it won't come undone!

This is the orange nylon water proof fabric on the back and you can see the yarn

(backs of the knots which are on top)

and see how nicely it quilts up!

I made a lot of knots...they sort of look like ants crawling across the blanket. But they are soft yarn and will be good for dancing on comfortably AND they will be wonderful for baby to use as a playground and tug at the knots with tiny fingers!


Tonight I cut away the excess batting (the white stuff middle layer showing outside

the green border) & I also

sewed around the inside of the border on the machine so none of those inner pieces can escape!

And this weekend I will find fabric for a binding and sew it on next.


I'm taking my Sun Flower quilt (Indian Summer, seen in my banner) to Davis today for the

Sunflower Show! She will be there until the end of June!

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I love that, as experienced a quilter as you are, you are still learning as you go!

    The quilt looks great!

  2. Lynn--yes I agree with Patti--keep learning so you can keep growing. You're SO good!

  3. What a great job.. lots of work and more work to come on it. But its a fun quilt. Nice to do a big one like this so you appreciate the reason you do the smaller Artsy ones. :))

  4. Wow! I've never heard of the 'needle pusher' tool and will have to check my fabric shop that next time I pay a visit. Your quilt is so lovely, Lynn! You've thought of everything to make it comfortable. And isn't You Tube wonderful?!? I just checked it the other day to watch a video on an embroidery stitch that I was having trouble with. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

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  6. how interesting, never heard of this, it is greek to me, but looks gorjuss.

  7. Oh yes, Patti I am always open to learning new tricks. And this time no exception! thanks.

    Diane, you are too sweet!!!

    Cris, glad you like it.You got that right about prefering to do smaller pieces!!! But I do feel accomplished having almost finished this one huge monster quilt.

    Terry the needle pusher was in the quilting notions area of Joanne's.
    And yes, I love that I can go on line and learn just about anything I need to figure out!

    Souly, thank you! I like to share my process just incase someone out there can learn from my mistakes/and process of figuring things out. Glad you like the big dancing quilt. And I thought YOURS was big. This thing is 90" square.

  8. This looks like a fascinating technique, I'll have to look into it. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too.

  9. I always liked the look of a hand tied quilt...and made one! How neat!!!

    I can hardly believe your sunflower quilt is going to be in a sunflower show!!! That, I have to see...I know you will take loads of pics...I just can't wait!!! :)

  10. Lynn, this is a gorgeous quilt! I have always liked hand-tied quilts. I love the irregular, folksy feel to this one.

  11. Ro, glad you found it interesting. Your blog is always inspiring to see!

    Julie, I promise to take lots of photos at the Sunflower Art Show...yes there will be tons of art in all mediums there and all sunflowers. They raise money for mental health issues there. It's my second year to enter or is it my third???

    Kelly, Thanks, I too like the way it turned out. Very folky for folk festivals my son goes to in the summer! They will dance on it.


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