Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Henry Claims His Territory on Festival Blanket Progress

Mom washed the Festival Blanket AGAIN and put it outside. I don't know why she makes such a big deal about my wanting to climb all over it! I mean THIS IS MY TERRITORY!!!
Okay, she laid it out on the floor and put some batting under it and some orange nylon stuff under that and then she got down on her hands and knees and pinned 150 safety pins all over it. I know because I counted them as I walked along side of her. She looked a lot like a big mama cat! ...the orange stuff slides around a bit and so she may have to put this rubbery stuff on that, 'we'll see', she said.
I like when she washes it and puts it on the lawn to dry. The pretty green border is part velvet and part shiny green leaves and goes really well in my backyard. I think it should stay here. It's great for my sun bathing!
Well, I am catching up on my mail over breakfast. I'll keep you posted on what more she's doing with MY BIG Festival Blanket! Happy Animal Wednesday!
signed: Henry V **** PS: If you want to see more of the art gallery show go back to her post for yesterday! **** OH yeah! And she wanted me to tell you that her first grand child
turned 21 yesterday!
Happy Birthday, Mikiah!
;-)) ****


  1. Henry is going to miss that big Festival Blanket when it is finished and sent away. It is coming together nice. HAW.

  2. he really looks adamant in that top photo!!

    The blanket looks great Lynn.


  3. Henry, Henry, Henry.... you are just too adorable!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. That face! It speaks volumes! I love you Henry the king. I do believe mom should give you that blanket.
    Thanks for sharing the show, very interesting pieces.

  5. Hahaha that Henry!
    Such a wonderful cat, adorable post Lynn. Henry always makes me smile!
    He deserves a quilt like that just as gorgeous as he is himself:)


  6. That is a BIG job! I made an 85inch square quilt for my nephew and nearly killed myself doing it. I'd job it out in the future. But it looks wonderful and Henry likes it for sure.

  7. OH OH.. if looks could kill.. lol What an expressive face Henry has.. Love the quilt. its HUGE. and you are doing it all yourself too. Bravo.

  8. Thanks Lisa, yes, henry will miss it. He's become very attached to this monster of a blanket.

    Lolo, thanks!

    Robin, Henry knows you love him!!!

    Annie, Henry appreciates your love too...but the blanket is going to son and his new baby.

    Thanks Marianne. I'll have to make Henry another!

    Mim, thanks for your understanding. there were several times when I thought I'd taken on too much! I got overwhelmed especially when I tried to fit it in my sewing machine for quilting! Was not going to work. That's when I knew I had to tie/quilt it by hand.
    The right tools found (sharp needle and rubber needle puller) it's now moving along smoothly once more. But me on the floor pinning it? Hopefully never again!!!!!

    Yes Cris, all by myself! LOL

  9. Henry, you are so lucky to have such a smart mama cat :)

    She made the perfect blanket for everything from catnaps in the grass to dancing under the stars


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