Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vacaville Art League 34th Annual Juried Art Show

Phillip Glashoff was one of the three judges for this show and this is one of his wonderful metal sculptures that stands outside the gallery greeting us, toasting us on reception night 2011. I met artist Victoria Ross when I snapped this photo of her winning drawing/pastel called "Summer Grazers". She said she was glad I liked it. She got both second place and Juror's Award for her art. She then was nice enough to go seek out my art and complimented me on it later on.
I was so happy this piece got such a good wall location. It really stood out under that bright light!
One hundred and ten pieces made it into the show. It's incredible to be able to say two of them were mine. I liked this clay piece, which I believe was called "The Game"...
That box of strawberries is a very amazing painting too don't you agree? As is the face below it.
I love all of Jan Manalo's work, this altered book no exception!
This winner is oil painting called "Turkish Fruit Stand" by Patricia Puryear.
Best of Show and First Place went to Karen Lee Ford for "The Gift" a charcoal and Pastel
beautifully and provocatively done.
The rooms were packed with visitors to the show and reception.
This sculpture in glass and watches called "It's Time" by Pamela Smeenk
was intriguing to look at as well.
I liked this photograhy submission of faces.
I watched this woman collect her award. They only gave them this year to the top
winners. Best of Show/Jurors/and First place winners.
Our gallery does an excellent job of representing artists works,
but our community is not a rich one.
I felt very rewarded just seeing people taking the time to look at my work.
I wonder what they were thinking!
This first place went to Diana Corbitt for her mixed media piece called
"Can't Keep Still"
At the end of the evening awards were given out, volunteers were thanked,
and we were once again reminded that getting into the show
is "just a crap shoot". It really is, so much good art is not selected.
My luck has been oh so good since the beginning
as each time I have entered something of mine has been selected and I have
won something on at least one each show I've entered.
I love doing this.


  1. Oh--I love these kind of posts!!! It's so exciting to see this type of art all gathered together--It gives me energy and inspiration.
    And a very big congratulations for being a participant in the show!

  2. thanks for taking us on a tour of the art show. so many beautiful works. congrats on your two entries and your award.

  3. Congrats.. Your Art looks wonderful there. I loved the Gallery visit too. :))

  4. Brilliant,,thanks for showing me around x

  5. What an incredible variety of talent your gallery has. I hope the show was a success!


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