Monday, May 23, 2011

Cacti and Cat on a Blanket!

On Saturday we went out garage sailing (sale-ing) and we visited this home with some beautiful cacti in their front yard. I thought, how appropriate for Cactus Monday, which I haven't participated in in quite a while. Each one of these were new to me... How interesting this white furry one is on the left. I may actually have a smaller version of the one on the right...or something quite similar... On Saturday I just about got the top of the Festival Quilt done; and Henry V really does think I am making it for him. He claimed territory every chance he got...including diving underneath it and scratching me (I am sure unintentionally) twice attacking my hands holding up ends trying to get it to my sewing machine to add this green border.
On Sunday I did lots more, which I'll show you in another post soon. Henry V, King of the Festival Quilt
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. This quilt is very pretty, Lynn. I have been reading about how busy you've been. You are such a dervish that I don't see how you can keep up with yourself. All your quilts are fantastic. Don't forget to slow down and rest once in a while.

  2. Henry is looking very contented and plump there on his quilt. this would make a nice advertisement photo for something or other.

  3. The cacti are interesting. I know you will be glad to have Henry's quilt, I mean the big quilt finished soon. It will be such fun to take to dances. Henry is such a fun ny cat. HCM.

  4. Henry's oh-so-expressive face says it all: "This Quilt is MINE"!
    He is a special furry little guy!!!

    Oh - wonderful quilt too, Lynn!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Gasp! a CM from you and Henry! How fun is that.


  6. Oh Lynn you can't take the quilt from him!!!!!!!
    He looks gorgeous on it

    HCM!!! (lovely cacti pics)

  7. Beautiful cacti! I don't blame Henry for claiming the quilt. He knows a wonderful thing when he sees one!

  8. Lynn, The quilt is fit for a king after all :-), I think it should be Henry's quilt!
    Congrats on getting your no bullying quilt accepted in the show!!! xoxo

  9. You sure found some healthy looking cacti and succulents, Lynn! You guys in California have all the best ones!!! (Jealous...)!

    Love the KING there...he sure knows he is, doesn't he??? LOL...:)

  10. Is that last succulent the one that has those gorgeous flowers, I have one too..I'm hoping to have some lots of flowers this year..


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